Their project is called the House on the Cliff.


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Do not imagine a small hut at the top of a hill, because this project is by no means small or unnoticeable. It is a house that is built into the side walls of a cliff, offering beautiful and immaculate views of the ocean. If you ever thought that you have to sacrifice luxury to enjoy the perfect location, this project will make you think a little better. This villa is a two-story palace, which has an open terrace and pool.


It is embedded in one side of the cliff, as we have already said, and has a corrugated tin roof that follows the shape of the surrounding terrain. “The task we got demanded from us to integrate the house within the beautiful landscape that surrounds it, and to turn our living space facing the sea,” said the architect. “Form of the house and its metallic roof produces an aesthetically calculated ambiguity that exists between natural and artificial elements,” they added.

Most of this villa is “underground” and its tin roof is inspired by the work of the distinguished architect Antonio Gaudi. Its underground design gives residents the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant temperature of around 19.5 degrees Celsius throughout the year. When we talk about the amazing homes, this project, with its beauty and inspiration, moved the boundary a little bit higher.


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