Portuguese street artist Artur Bordalo, aka Bordalo II, uses mixed media to create his own interpretations of the urban landscape and environment. He often composes his works using various found items that he merges together into beautiful forms. In that sense, his street art is unique because it appears slightly three-dimensional and is presented in surprisingly tactile formations.


Bordalo2 the bachelor project

Bordalo II was invited to produce an installation as part of WOOL, an urban art festival in Covilhã, Portugal. It took him a little more than one week to create Owl Eyes, a collaged owl composed of found trash and recycled materials. The piece towers high over pedestrians in a rusty compilation of metal, tires, and paint. Bordalo II then painted the background with a vibrant green and colorful polka dots. By transforming the otherwise dank, empty space into a work of art, the artist told WOOL that he intended to send a message “that culture and education are being neglected in this place.”

Bordalo3 the bachelor project

Bordalo4 the bachelor project

Bordalo5 the bachelor project

Bordalo6 the bachelor project

Bordalo7 the bachelor project

Bordalo8 the bachelor project

Bordalo9 the bachelor project



Courtesy of: mymodernmet

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