Hello ladies and gentlemen. Fellas, we decided to be your mouthpiece and speak for you. We’re aware that some of you have fears of being upfront and honest with women, which is quite cowardly, but we decided to assist you and write the 5 signs for when you’re not into a woman.

He's not into you

For the women that are reading, pay attention. While the guy that you’re sitting next to or the one that you forward this to may be afraid to agree with it while in your face, here’s a list of general consensus that’s known among men. 

1.) He doesn’t state it. We all know that actions speak louder than words, but stating something falls right under being shown it. Of course the guy can lie and state that he’s interested, but vocally stating that he’s interested opens up the door for the rest of the list. Let’s be honest, when a guy is interested he will surely stated. That’s if he’s a legit grown man.

2.) What he does with his free time. Now, we all know that men of substance have important things to attend to in life. They usually have an important career, family life, hobbies, working out, and goals that he’s working towards accomplishing. But while not doing those things, does he make time for you. Just about every man has time for at least one woman in his life. He’ll find the time to spend with her IF he’s interested. If you see him once every month or talk to him once every 2-3 weeks, he’s probably not into you. A lot of women think a guy spending money on them means he’s interested, but it doesn’t. Time is more valuable to a man, so if he’s giving you his time, then he’s probably interested.

3.) He’s not interested in investing in you. Women automatically think the word “invest” means spending money, but it doesn’t. In reference to dating, spending money on a woman is not to be considered an investment because the guy isn’t getting his money back in return. It’s never a fair ROI (return of investment) when investing money with dating. Instead, investing goes back to what was stated in the paragraph of #2. Good investments in relationships are things such as taking out the time to support you, assisting you with accomplishing your goals, or a mental investment such as helping you gain more knowledge. When a guy invest in those things, he more than likely wants you to be a part of his immediate and maybe distant future.

4.) Public appearances. If the only time you spend time with a guy is at his place or your place, then chances are he’s not into you. No matter how much people try to deny it, men like things and women they can show off. When a guy is really interested in you he will want to be seen with you out in public. We show off our brand new cars right? We show off our sneakers, our new gadgets, and even talent. If we’re interested in you, we will want the general public to see you out with us. Why would a man NOT want to show of a woman he’s into?  We can’t think of an answer and we’re sure other guys can’t either.

5.) Numbers 1-4. That’s right! Ladies, if you can’t put a check mark by numbers 1-4, guess what? He’s Not Into You.



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