Different men take breakups different ways. Some guys look at the end of their relationship as a woman as a fresh start, while some view it as the end of the World. This article right here is for the guys that take breakups hard and are looking for advice on things they can do to get over a breakup with their significant other. Here are 8 ways below:

1.) Stay active: Whether you have a talent or craft that you work on daily or not, you need to be doing something to keep your mind occupied. Call up some of your friends to hang out. Go out to the Sports bar to watch a Basketball or football game. Go to the gym and get a gym membership. Going to the gym can also help you relieve some of the stress that comes along with a breakup.

2.) Disconnect yourself from your ex: Delete her number out of your phone. Deleting her from your phone will prevent you from contacting her. You two decided to split so let it be. If the to of you choose to reconnect in the future, so be it. But the two of you broke up for a reason, and it probably had something to do with the two of you needing time apart. Deleting her from your social networks will help as well, that way once she begins to post photos while out having fun with other guys or post photos of her new boyfriend, it won’t bother you.

3.) Take the time to learn about what you’re NOT looking for in a woman: Many times while in a relationship, people tend to overlook the flaws of their mate. Post relationship is the perfect time to analyze the character traits you DON’T want your next girlfriend to have.

4.) Take the time to learn about yourself: What do you like? What don’t you like? What do you bring to the table and offer that will keep women interested? What don’t you offer? And if you don’t offer it, why not?

5.) Travel: Traveling not only helps expand your knowledge, it also relieves thoughts from your mind. A change of environment, even for a short period of time can do a lot for your psyche after a breakup. Take a road trip to a City or State you always wanted to visit. Go and buy a decent camera and have some fun.

6.) Upgrade yourself: Take this time to upgrade yourself. Self improvement should be your main priority. If you make positive changes to your life, whenever you do get back on the market you will be a prime candidate for the women out there.

7.) Give yourself some time before you get in a relationship again: Make sure you take the time out to enjoy being single and making improvements before your next relationship. Being single allows you to have more time to do the things you want to do and saves you more money.

8.) Get out and mingle:¬†Since you’re single, it’s a good idea to go out and meet new women. You may have female friends in your contact log of your phone, if you do, call them up and see if they want to hang out with you. Meeting new women, and hanging out with women in general is a good way to get over your last significant other. Take this time to enjoy yourself and life; it’s not the end of the World, there are literally millions of women out there.

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