Ferraris are obviously synonymous with the color red , mainly a fiery red that practically reminds you of the hottest part of a fire . But yet this shiny red 458 Italia is an entire other kind of red , it’s a blingy red that reminisces of Christmas and Valentine’s Day . Evaluating from the plates on this car it is a limited edition displayed in the Ferrari showroom at the Wynn hotel in Macau . Getting this shiny red 458 Italia can certainly make even the most crucial of Valentine’s Day fall in love it . A carbon black hood adds a level of difference to this sparkling red beast of a car . The mirrors , bumper and alloys have all been coated with the same red . We have of course included other Valentine’s Day options some romantic , some sexy and some just plain expensive . On the other hand the shiny red for this 458 Italia Ferrari is distracting me from all of the other Valentine’s Day idea .

Courtesy of: amazingnewz