Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) has installed the world’s first ‘GoSleep’ sleeping pods which allow passengers to grab a few hours sleep between flights.



With the jet-set lifestyle of most executives and other intercontinental travelers, the foremost luxury then is the much needed sleep. Since one’s schedules and engagements can not be changed, short power naps can be helpful to emerge rejuvenated and refreshed for busy times ahead. For this reason, the idea of sleeping pods came into being, and they seemed to turn rather tech-loaded for the demands of these discerning travelers. The Podtime sleeping pod and theAlberto Frias sleeping pod are the manifestations of these special demands. One place where one can now think of taking power-naps in such luxurious settings at a public space, is the Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) where there are have been 10 such GoSleep sleeping pods already installed in Terminal 1 and 3, and 35 are to arrive by next year. Being one of the busiest airports in the Middle East, AUH needed such facilities for their premises where some travelers are flying across diverse geographical zones. Not just this, but by next year, one would see upgraded facilities of wi-fi internet, and charging slots for most personal devices in these GoSleep sleeping pods. Currently they are on hire for $12.12 (£8) to the hour.

The stylish Finish designed sleeping pods are easy to operate, where the user lies down, and shuts him/herself from any form of external disturbance like noise, or gathering crowds. On top of being able to catch up on some sleep between journeys, one could even be accessing the internet, charging personal devices, and even store their personal luggage in these pods.


Courtesy of: bornrich


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