The United Arab Emirates aren’t exactly known for their modest buildings, opting instead to build monolithic structures like the 830m Burj Khalifa. Now, they’ve announced plans for a 125,000 square-meter park in Abu Dhabi which will be situated underneath the dry desert itself. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick studio, the subterranean paradise is inspired by the cracks that appear in the desert’s surface.



“Instead of denying the presence of the desert that the city is built on, we set ourselves the task of making a park out of the desert itself,” says Heatherwick. “We became interested in the patterns of the desert landscape and looked at the shapes created when earth cracks from the heat of the sun. Experimenting with the idea of a structure drawn from a fractured desert crust, we started developing a scheme based on revealing partially-shaded planted spaces below a desert surface.”


Underneath the 20-meter high canopy visitors will also find cafes, play spaces, a library, pools, and streams, as well as a community vegetable garden.


Courtesy of: huhmagazine