When the planet becomes one big Waterworld-like swimming pool, we won’t complain—as long as we’re aboard the Admiral X Force 145.


But yeah, this 476-foot concept mega yacht from the Italian Sea Group would be a dream to live aboard. Designed by the Monaco studio Dobroserdov Design in coordination with Admiral Centro Stile, the X Force 145 is a visual tour de force, with sweeping, curved lines and windows that stretch from end to end. Amenities abound, including a two-level beach club and spa, indoor and outdoor pools, lounges, sun pads, and a saloon that covers two levels and is centered on a huge chandelier suspended over an indoor pond. Other highlights include a forward observation deck with a full panoramic view, two movie theaters, multiple gyms, two helipads, and a garage to hold a chopper, cars, and water toys. [Purchase]







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