Every month the Bachelor Project will be featuring up and coming artist from different genres of music. Our first artist that we are featuring is female Hip-Hop artist Ivy for Toronto, Canada. The Bachelor Project recently spoke with Ivy about her hometown, the struggle of being a female Hip-Hop artist and the recent buzz of Canadian rap artist Drake.

What are some of the things that a bachelor can get into and check out while visiting Toronto?

Well summer is a great time for any bachelor to check out the Caribana Parade. This is where you can get the best of all our beautiful multicultural women of the world in one place. It’s once a year, First Saturday of August.

What is the one thing about a man that is the most attractive to you, and why?

Ego, I love a gentleman with a big ego… (laughs)

What is your preference when it comes to guys?

Someone with a cute smile and dimples. He also has to have a great personality.

What is your biggest turnoff in guys?

Dishonesty and disloyalty. Also a dirty guy; it is so nasty to me when a guy is dirty and smells like he hasn’t showered for years… (laughs)

Speaking of guys, how often do you have guys in mind while composing your music?

I’m always focused on the topics I’m writing about, However when I do make songs about love, relationships or sex my mind is on guys 100% of the time.

How long have you been doing Hip-Hop music for and how did it all start for you?

I’ve had a love for hip hop my whole life especially with my uncle a DJ (Dj Casa Nova).
I’ve been seriously creating my own music for the last 3 years.

I like your song ‘You’re a bitch’, what inspired you to make that track?

It’s was a spin-off of the NU Boyz track “You’re a Jerk”. My producer (Ante O’Connor) and I decided to do a female version. He remade the beat and I wrote and recorded the verses.
The rest is magic.

Being that you are a Canadian female Hip-Hop artist, I’m sure you face challenges similar to female Hip-Hop artist here in the States; what are some of those challenges?

The challenges are really not that much different from the states and Canada. As a female, it’s hard to really talk about what you want to talk about and still appeal to people. You get put in a box with any other female rapper that is out. Not many have the creative or control to get out of box and that’s the biggest challenge for many females in this industry.
Some of the challenges that I usually come across are judgment and inequality. Straight off the bat people look at me and think that I can’t spit. That was so hard for me when I was starting out. When I released my first Mixtape, I had to push it with my friends on the street. To all the people we approached, I had to spit to them to show I had skills and that my mixtape was worth getting.

Many artist today make music to appeal to the mainstream audience, do you make music based off of mainstream’s interest or do you strictly make music based off of your own experiences and emotions?

I make music based on my experiences and emotions. I just hope that people will catch on.
Once in a while I will make my experiences and emotions appeal to the mainstream.

How do you feel about Drake’s current buzz and the affect that it has on drawing more attention to Canadian artist?

I’m actually very proud that a Canadian hip hop artist has gotten that much buzz. Drake was doing his thing for a minute and to see that someone can make it out , just gives hope for everybody else in Canada. We have so much talent here, but had so little attention. Thanks to Drake’s buzz, we finally have an opportunity to be heard.

Where can our viewers check out your music at and are there any albums that we should be checking for in the near future?

They can check out http://www.youtube.com/ivyakakarma for my music and video blogs. There will be a lot updates on there. Also check out my music on http://www.myspace.com/ivyakakarma

Props to Ivy and Dominico Maxwell

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