If you like luxurious and expensive cars, then you will definitely enjoy this exquisite Aston Martin DBC Supercar Concept made by Samir Sadikhov. This vehicle definitely looks like a proper supercar, boasting sleek, aggressive design features as well as a stunning red paint job.



The project’s timing couldn’t have been better actually, since Aston Martin recently discontinued their production of their One-77 model, so they might be searching for ideas for a new supercar project. Even though this mid-engine monster might not resemble anything currently bearing the Aston Martin badge, it wouldn’t be all that bad if the company decided to mix things up a bit regarding their future designs.



The DBC concept was built to resemble a “muscular athlete wearing a tailor-made suit”, and even if the famed English car manufacturer won’t actually bring this particular model into full production, its experts might yet borrow some of its features, especially in terms of exterior design.



Courtesy of: raredelights

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