Aristocrats are always on a move. Business meetings, travelling and official visits keep them busy and consume most of their time. To match with their fast paced and plush lifestyle, Timon Sager is out with a private jet concept named AvA, with an ability to fly in any weather condition.

Its usefulness is not only limited to flying or personal transportation but solves a lot of other functions as well. Highly developed and cladding substances make this compact and lightweight jet exclusive and ahead of its time. Ultimate maneuverability and ability to fly long distances at a supersonic speed is made possible by wing design with morphing shape. Cockpit, engine, wing structure and storage are embedded in a solar panel enveloped with a frame, hence making it appear uncomplicated and purposeful.

Flight experience has been given power by the Boeing X-32 prototype propulsion engine. The personal jet with flight controls can accommodate two people. The back seat has a bucket-seat with elbow rests and a display while all the futuristic steering controls are with the front seat. The jet will be able to land on any terrain, in times of emergency and to ensure further safety it has cockpit that can be snapped. The cockpit has the parachute and an oxygen supply system.

Courtesy of: elitedaily

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