The Bachelor Project is proud to announce our New Bach Lady of the Week: Iryna Storozhuk. Be sure to check out her feature below to see where she’s from, the type of guys she’s interested in and how she got started with modeling. Enjoy.



Hello Iryna, what city do you reside in?

Life is great! I live in beautiful Palm Beach GardensFlorida this year, with lots of new adventures and projects.


How did you get into modeling?


When I was 11 i was scouted by an agent at my cousin’s wedding, but my parents did not let me pursue the modeling until I turned 17.


How long have you been modeling for?

I have been modeling for 10 years, modeling was my dream job when i was a teen and it has been a dream comes true!



What are your measurements?

I am 5’7″, 120 lbs at the moment, 34-24-24


Favorite foods? Explain.

I am all against food! Less food is my choice! I always go with all healthy options, sometimes Italian, or Japanese appetizer size meals.


Most memorable modeling job to date?

There is not just one, I give my 100% at anything I do, so overall over the years I have plenty of amazing memories!


What is the craziest thing a guy did to try to get your attention?

Craziest depends on how we react on it! Someone flew 24 hours to see me for a cup of coffee, someone spent let’s say crazy amount of money for a present, someone literary saved my life. I have been blessed with people I met over the years!


What’s type of guys are you attracted to, and what is it about that type of guy that makes him attractive to you?

I am attracted to an intellect of a person, ability to think beyond human mental capacity, men like that usually well set in life, which brings lots of pleasurable moments to my life.


What do you think is the most romantic thing a man can do for a woman?

There is noting more romantic than having a family! Merry her and have children and grow old together.

 Do you have any talents that would surprise people? Explain.

I like to be underestimated! Let’s keep my talents secret, otherwise why bother getting to know me?! Mystery me!



What magazines have you been featured in?

Maxim, Miami Life, Miami Style, Style, Ganza, Ring, Urban Mainstream, Revenge, Bikes&Beauties, Imagen, Round, Flava Girl, Moda, South Florida Opulence, Lime Lite, New Style, National Geographic, Dimes, California’s Surf, Daily Trends, Fly Style Life, Complexion, Model Log, Latin Flow, Perfect Pose, Fixe and others.



What’s in your IPod? Favorite artists and why.

I don’t use my iPad, in a car I listen to 100.7 FM radio.


If you can go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

It depends on who is going on vacation with me? I could be with my lover in Paris, with a friend to Dubai, or with family on Alaska Cruise.


Best feature on your body and why?

Hmm I got a few! Amazing big green eyes, long legs, peach butt, and baby skin!


What else do you do besides modeling?


I raise a wonderful little boy name London, my son! He gets the most hours of my day!


Any new ventures we can look forward to from you? 


Maybe a new profession, or a children’s book or series of articles! Or another marriage.


Where can your viewers get in contact with you? Any Twitter, instagram and Facebook?

My Facebook Fan Page:





It’s been a pleasure. Is there anything that you would like to say to our readers in closing?

I wish everyone to enjoy every single day of their life and make the best of it! Risk it! Love, feel, cry, laugh!


Courtesy of: Iryna Storozhuk & Reggie Sosa

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