The Bachelor Project is proud to announce our New Bach Lady of the Week: Vanessa Goodmanson. Be sure to check out her feature below to see where she’s from, the type of guys she’s interested in and how she got started with modeling. Enjoy.

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Hello Vanessa, what city do you reside in?

I reside in Los Angeles, CA.

How did you get into modeling?

A photographer convinced me to take some photos and after booking a few paid gigs I was hooked.

How long have you been modeling for?

I have been modeling about 5 years now.

What are your measurements?

I’m all natural [Smiles] 32C 24 inch waist and 33 inch hips

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Favorite foods? Explain.

I’m such a sucker for Pizza or anything Spicy! I’m constantly dousing my food with Tabasco or Hot sauce.

Most memorable modeling job to date?

 Playboy will always be my favorite because that was always my dream.

What is the craziest thing a guy did to try to get your attention?

 Not sure that he was trying to get my attention but I once caused a guy to crash his car by wearing a sexy dress [Laughs].

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What type of guys are you attracted to, and what is it about that type of guy that makes him attractive to you?

I like guys who are easy to talk to and can carry a conversation. There is nothing worse than dating a immature dumb ass. Dating is about also having a friendship with that person.

What do you think is the most romantic thing a man can do for a woman?

I think planning a sexy romantic getaway is great.

Do you have any talents that would surprise people? Explain.

[Laughs] I’m a private investigator, my friends all come to me to get information on people.

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What’s in your IPod? Favorite artists and why.

I love Lana Del Rey, her sound is unique and fun. I love Shakira, she always gets my hips moving. Lil Wayne is amazing.

If you can go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

 This changes everyday but I’m think Greece today [Laughs].

What magazines have you been featured in?

I’ve been in Playboy, Lowrider, Concept, and Girls of Lowrider.

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Vanessa Goodmanson 4

Best feature on your body and why?

My lips because they are all natural and I get a lot of compliments on them all the time.

What else do you do besides modeling?

You can catch me by the beach being a bum. I’m getting into some acting.

Any new ventures we can look forward to from you?

I am suppose to be in a magazine coming out in a month but can’t reveal yet [Wink].

Where can your viewers get in contact with you? Any Twitter, instagram and Facebook?

 Twitter is @Vanessaxo Instagram is @VanessaGoodmanson


It’s been a pleasure. Is there anything that you would like to say to our readers in closing?

Aw thanks for having me,  I would just like to say to stay tuned there is more coming soon xoxo.

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