The Bachelor Project is proud to announce our new Bach Lady of the Week: Cambria Luvpure. Be sure to check out her feature below to see how she got her start with modeling, what type of man she’s interested in, and what makes her a good candidate for a Bachelor.



Hello Cambria, can you please tell our website viewers where you’re originally from and where you currently reside?

I am a Ga peach! Born and raised in Atlanta.


How did you get started with modeling and how long have you been doing it for?

I have been modeling since age 14 . I started off doing hair magazines.


What are the pros and cons of being a model?

The pros are meeting great people in this industry , getting paid to do what you love , and being able to have fun in the process. The cons are getting scammed out of your money if you don’t know this industry, and not being taken serious sometimes because a lot of so called models do things for free.


Do you have any other talents besides modeling, if so what are they?

I can sing, dance, bedazzle the heck out of anything, and most of all acting.


Switching the subject a little bit since this is The Bachelor Project. What type of guys are you interested in?

I love big dudes. Not no Biggie Smalls [Laughs]. but Just nice size men. Gotta be taller then me cause I’m 5’2.. and he must be able to take care of me all around ( Mentally , Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally, etc.) I take care of myself but if my car break down I need my man to handle that FAST! That kind of take care.


What makes you a candidate for a Bachelor?

I’m fun, spontaneous, and sexy! I live for the moment not in the moment.

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What is the most romantic thing that you ever did for a man and what was the occasion?

I wrote a sweet poem and read it to him naked [Laughs].


If you can go on a perfect date, what would it consist of?

Candle light dinner, on top of a tall building with the city lights shining bright.


If you can go on a vacation anywhere, where would it be, and why would you choose to go there?

It’s this Skyscraper roof top pool on the 57th floor at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. When I say the view is GORGEOUS! OMG I wanna go so bad!


What sets you apart from other models?

I am different in many ways. I can wear any hair style and still look good [smiles], I invest in my career and take my craft very very serious. I don’t look for handouts I truly work for what I want and I wait for no one to get it done. I simply take my success in my own hands. And I’m professional with it.


Where else can our readers check out you and your work out?

My site will be up soon! Till then they can follow me on Instagram @I_luvpure


It’s been a pleasure; Is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?

I will like everyone to know that my model name is Cambria Luvpure but for short just call me Pure! Bye now and thank you for having me!


Courtesy of Cambria Luvpure and Dominico Maxwell

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