The Bachelor Project is proud to announce our new Bach Lady of the Week: Carlie Christine. Be sure to check out her feature below to see how she got her start with model, the type of man she’s interested in, and what you can expect from her in the future. Enjoy.

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Hello, what city do you reside in?

I live in a small town halfway between Sacramento and Truckee, California.


How did you get into modeling?

I had been approached about doing some promotional work for a company called Left Coast Girls in Sacramento.  In order to book jobs I needed professional photographs so my first photo shoot was just for that purpose.  I didn’t ever think it would go past working tradeshows and events in my area.  I posted the photos to my Myspace account (you know, that thing before Facebook, and started being contacted by various photographers wanting to work with me.  I received a message from Holly Madison who at the time was Hugh Hefner’s number one girlfriend and an editor for Playboy Magazine. Holly asked if I had ever been interested in posing for Playboy.  The rest is history


How long have you been modeling for?

Five years.


What are your measurements?


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Favorite foods?

I am a sucker for French fries.


Most memorable modeling job to date?

I was asked to participate in a photoshoot with Kid Rock.  The location was a huge house that felt haunted with an incredible view of the ocean and the set was incredible.  The biggest surprise was Kid Rock – he was such a nice guy, completely a gentleman and I was not expecting that at all!!  The photos have never been published and I can’t wait for the day they show up in a magazine.


What is the craziest thing a guy did to try to get your attention?

I think I must come across as a shy girl because I haven’t had a lot of experiences with guys trying to get my attention.  Most of my dates have been set up by friends.  I do however get some pretty crazy requests from fans!


What’s type of guys are you attracted to, and what is it about that
type of guy that makes him attractive to you?

I love a guy that is spontaneous and a lot of fun.  I am so busy with my business and modeling that sometimes I need someone to take me by the hand and say let’s go!! I also like a guy that doesn’t take himself too seriously.  I can be a jokester and I want someone who can give it right back to me.

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What do you think is the most romantic thing a man can do for a woman?

Surprise her.  Whether it is a big trip to a romantic place or bringing her coffee in bed.


 Do you have any talents that would surprise people?

I can name all of the Presidents in order.  It is kind of like my party trick!


What’s in your IPod?

I like Janis Joplin, Creedence Clearwater, The Beatles, Led Zepplin.  That is music!!  I can’t help but feel the music when I listen to them.  It makes me want to close my eyes and just dance.


If you can go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Bora Bora or Thailand will be my next trip out of the country.  I love tropical but I also like places that have a little adventure.


What magazines have you been featured in?

Playboy Magazine,, Playboy Hot 100, Sports Illustrated online, Stuntride Magazine, Meier Manufacturing catalog and various online features.

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Best feature on your body and why?

I have very petite hands and feet.  I never realized how sexy that could be until I got a little older and realized boobs and ass are a dime a dozen.


What else do you do besides modeling?

I have been very busy building my real estate business.  Are you looking to buy or sell your home in Northern California – I’m your girl.


Any new ventures we can look forward to from you?

I am constantly evolving my portfolio and am always looking for a fun and exciting new project.

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Where can your viewers get in contact with you?

My photographer:

My makeup artist:

My hair stylist:


Courtesy of: Carlie Christine & Reggie Sosa

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  1. Rich

    Carlie is Beautiful Inside & Out 🙂 GREAT pics & Interview ! It was Nice to learn more about her 🙂