The Bachelor Project is proud to announce our new Bach Lady of the Week: Chinadolle. Be sure to check out her feature below to see how she got her start with modeling, the type of man she’s interested in, and what makes her a good candidate for a Bachelor. Enjoy!


Hello Chinadolle, can you please tell our website viewers where you’re originally from and where you currently reside?

I was born in the Philippines and moved to the Bay Area when I was 8 years old, and now currently living in Long Beach, CA. [Smiles]


How did you get started with modeling and how long have you been doing it for?

I started off as a MUA in the Industry and it all went from there, it’s been about 2 years.


What are the pros and cons of being a model?

I believe that modeling can be used WISELY as a stepping stone to endless possibilities while the cons are too many to mention, one is being judged by others due to our over saturated industry.


Do you have any other talents besides modeling, if so what are they?

I’m a great cook also. [Smiles]


Switching the subject a little bit since this is The Bachelor Project. What type of guys are you interested in?

I admire men that are ambitious, respectful and a BOSS!


What makes you a candidate for a Bachelor?

That’s for them to find out. [Wink]

ChinaDoll4 (Copy)

What is the most romantic thing that you ever did for a man and what was the occasion?

Since I love cooking, I cooked a very special meal on a ordinary day to make him feel special.


If you can go on a perfect date, what would it consist of?

A man with a sense of humor, food, and a beach.


If you can go on a vacation anywhere, where would it be, and why would you choose to go there?

Japan, I always wanted to go there!

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What sets you apart from other models?

I set myself apart for being me and my own brand.


Where else can our readers check out you and your work out?

Check me out on twitter and Instagram, to follow me and my work [Smiles]. Here’s a sample of my lead role in Red Cafe x Trey x Fab “Fully Loaded” video:

It’s been a pleasure; Is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?

I want to thank all of them and I appreciate being apart of Bach Ladies! [Smile]


Courtesy of Chinadolle and Dominico Maxwell

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