It’s Wednesday! You know what that means? The Bachelor Project is proud to announce our new Bach Lady of the Week: Jessica Palacios. Check out her feature below as she reveals some great details about her, including the type of guy she’s interested in.



Hello, can you please tell our readers where you’re originally from and where you currently reside?

Hi! My name is Jessica Palacios. My family is from Cali, Colombia, but I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. I am still in Virginia until I make the move out to California this year.


How did you get started with modeling and how long have you been doing it for?

I was discovered by a local modeling agency when I was 12 years old and been modeling ever since. I’ve been on and off throughout the years, but I’m back now and more diligent than ever.



Do you have any other talents besides modeling, if so what are they?

Well, I’m a very competitive Polo player when I have free time to go play. Linguistics! I speak three languages English, Spanish, and French. I can dance Latin ballroom styles like merengue, bachata, and salsa.


Switching the subject a little bit since this is The Bachelor Project. What type of guys are you interested in?

I’m interested in a guy who is loyal, goofy, honest, down to earth, funny, has a great sense of humor, manly, charismatic, driven, passionate and goals in life to move forward. Someone who can inspire me and support me in everything I do. He has to be tall, seeing as I’m 5’10”. He had to care about his physique, look clean, smell good and have a great smile.



What makes you a good candidate for a Bachelor?

I’m very loyal, affectionate, goofy, down to earth and I’m not clingy. I’m shy but once you get to know me I open up. I cook, clean and I’m easy to talk to.


What is the most romantic thing that you ever did for a man and what was the occasion?

The most romantic thing I did for a man was I flew out to him when he was on a business trip to surprise him with concert tickets to his favorite artist playing there at the time. And we spent a romantic evening.



If you can go on a perfect date, what would it consist of?

The perfect date for me would be a picnic at the beach. The day would have to consist of great weather, great food, and my man spoiling me with love.


Where else can our readers check out you and your work out?

Instagram : @ayeejayjayy Twitter : @ayeejayjayy

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It’s been a pleasure; Is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?

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Courtesy of Jessica Palacios and Dominico Maxwell

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