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What city do you reside in?

Tampa, Florida


How did you get into modeling? How long have you been modeling for?

I’ve been modeling for five years and got started when I met some guys at Bikeweek who own a performance shop and they asked me to model their tops for the shop, I met some people and networked my way around the industry from there.


What are your measurements?



Favorite foods?

I am a huge foodie. I love all food except Chinese food. Even when I go on vacation the highlights are usually the restaurants that I eat at. LOL. If I had to pick a favorite I’d have to say mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum!


Most memorable modeling job to date?

I’m really into art and supporting local artists so every month I participate in a local art show where designers, body painters, performers, photographers and models can all get together and collaborate on some awesome creations and have them shown runway style.


What is the craziest thing a guy did to try to get your attention?

Guys online have no filter sometimes. I get the weirdest messages from people some ask if I’m “for sale”, some send naked selfies ( not cool) and some are just super persistent. LOL


What type of guys are you attracted to and what is it about him that makes him attractive to you?

As far as looks go, I’m a tall girl so I love tall guys and they have to have tattoos. That James Dean, rockabilly, bad boy gets me every time. Personality is really big too…we have to be able to be nerds together and just be silly and do dumb stuff that I wouldn’t be able to do with just anyone.


What do you think is the most romantic thing a man can do for a woman?

Spend time with her doing nothing specific at all, just being together.


Do you have any talents that would surprise people?

I’m an ice skater and hula hooper!


What’s in your IPod? Favorite artists and why.

I love music, I listen to everything from Country to Hip Hop. My favorite band is “In This Moment” they are such a dynamic band with a gorgeous front woman. Girl Power!!


If you can go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Since I was a kid I can remember wanting to go to Norway. I fell in love with the Viking ride at Epcot and ever since I was hooked and determined to visit the actual country. I know it’s random! Hahaha.


What magazines have you been featured in?

I’ve been in Pin Up America, Born to Ride, Prolific Quarterly, Wicked Women, Steppin’ Out, We Rise and Desire.



Best feature on your body and why?

I think my eyes are my best feature. I get a lot of compliments on my eyes and it always brightens my day.


What else do you do besides modeling?

I model and do promotions full time.


Any new ventures we can look forward to from you?

I have a few shoots for magazines that are still waiting for print, a comic book and a black jack video game ( strip poker style) that are in the works right now.


Where can your viewers get in contact with you?

Twitter: @krystalhart18

IG: hart2408

FB: Krystalhartmodel


It’s been a pleasure. Is there anything you want to say in closing?

Thanks for your support, I hope you enjoy reading a little bit about me. Xoxo


Courtesy of: Krystal Hart & Reggie Sosa

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