The Bachelor Project is proud to announce our new Bach Lady of the Week: Nina Rae. Be sure to check out her feature as she reveals she has beauty and brains, her story behind her getting into modeling, and the story of her limo ride and 5 star hotel birthday gift for a good she dated. Enjoy.



Hello, can you please tell our website viewers where you’re originally from and where you currently reside?

I am originally born and raised in El Paso, TX. Moved away for a few years and have recently relocated back home to be close to family and friends who I haven’t see. Moved back to be able to re-connect with everyone.


How did you get started with modeling and how long have you been doing it for?

I first started modeling when a friend of mine asked if I would do him a favor and pose for him so he could try out his new camera. He was a novice photographer so I agreed and found out that I actually enjoyed being in front of the camera and the way it made me feel. This was almost 6 years ago.



What are the pros and cons of being a model?

The Pro’s: The Attention, The Glam, Travel, chance of meeting Celebrities and new people, and being able to get into exclusive events.
The Con’s: People looking at you like another pretty face with a nice body, but no brain.


Do you have any other talents besides modeling, if so what are they?

I LOVE Salsa dancing, I was on a professional salsa dance team and danced in a few competitions.



Switching the subject a little bit since this is The Bachelor Project. What type of guys are you interested in?

Tall, Dark, Handsome, Attractive, Fit/ Athletic men with little to no body hair. Bald headed men with a goatee area PLUS!


What makes you a good candidate for a Bachelor?

I believe that not only am I attractive but I have a brain. I have a Degree in Business Management and continuing my education is important. I feel that I can complement any man who I’m with not just physically, but also mentally.



What is the most romantic thing that you ever did for a man and what was the occasion?

One of the most romantic things that I’ve ever done was for a birthday, I set up a full day of pampering for the man I was with. It began with me dropping him off at the day spa and telling him I would be back for him, while he was getting pampered, I had set up for a Limo to pick him up after his massage and body wrap. Before the limo got there to pick him up, I had already dropped off a gift box complete with a full outfit, cologne, blind fold and a special note with instructions. The note read “Hope you enjoyed your day so far, Get dressed and Place the blind fold over your eyes and someone will escort you out.” Once he was ready to go I came in to get him and lead him to the limo and sat him in the car. In the limo I already had a special friend of ours waiting in lingerie and I was wearing lingerie underneath my dress. As the limo commenced to drive, while still blind folded, music playing, he began to get touch by not only me but also our special friend. We both began to touch and kiss on him and eventually undressed him and gave him our own massage. He was then allowed to remove the blind fold and see who he was enjoying. The limo ride took us to a 5-star hotel where everything was already set up. The room was set up with candles and champagne and strawberries. The night continued with a nice meal and plenty of dessert to enjoy.


If you can go on a perfect date, what would it consist of?

A 5-star seafood restaurant with nice music (maybe salsa dancing), after our meal and dessert I would like to walk bare footed on the beach and enjoy the water and the night. Then I would like to be escorted to a nice room with my own private beach or access. Have candles, flowers, champagne and chocolate covered Strawberries. A hot Bubble bath in a Jacuzzi and some nice romantic music.



If you can go on a vacation anywhere, where would it be, and why would you choose to go there?

Turks and Caicos. Because I would love to enjoy the beautiful blue water, swim with dolphins and relax and enjoy the island life if only for a few days. I love Being around Water.


What sets you apart from other models?

I have unique look. I can be the girl next door, an exotic beauty, or the tomboy that can hang out and watch sports like one of the guys.


Where else can our readers check out you and your work out?

Facebook at Nina Rae
Twitter @NinaRae4U

My Website is currently being worked on and should be ready pretty soon. I also have a few videos and possible movie projects in the works.


It’s been a pleasure; Is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?

It’s been great, hope you guys get a chance to follow me in my career and maybe one day make you acquaintance. Smooches. Nina


Courtesy of Nina Rae and Dominico Maxwell

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