The Bachelor Project recently had the opportunity to attend Modex 2014. Modex is one of the biggest supply chain shows on earth. Companies from all over the World attended the event. Be sure to check inside for more details and photos. 

Anyone that follows business knows that manufacturing and supply chain industries are the engine for business. Whether your business is a small or large business, the importance of a great supply chain is vital. It was a great experience to check out the Modex expo. There were thousands of people their and we did a lot of networking. It was a great experience. Read below to find out more information about Modex so maybe you can attend their next expo.

MODEX 2014® is the industry’s newest expo for the manufacturing and supply chain industries. It’s where the best and brightest thinkers in the supply chain gather to discuss the trends of today and the challenges of tomorrow. At MODEX you will meet 800 of the leading providers and see their solutions in person, in action.

MODEX 2014, held March 17-20, 2014 in Atlanta, GA will provide attendees access to the latestmanufacturing and supply chain equipment and technologies. You can register to attend for free by completing a brief online form.

Check out some of The Bachelor Project’s photos from Modex 2014 Below:



















Courtesy of  The Bachelor Project

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