The Bachelor Project recently spoke with one of the most talented Photographers in the Central/South Florida area. Meet MQ, from The Dream Team, a Photographer that hails from Orlando. He has shot tons of models, including Cali from VH1’s Reality show Real chance at love. Check out this interview and find out some of the in’s and out’s of Photography. Enjoy!

What’s up MQ, you were on the scene doing music before, what made you transition over to Photography?

Well at the time, music was not making me any money, so when I started out with Photography I noticed that it was a different type of hustle including shooting sexy models.

How long have you been doing Photography for?

2 years now.

What models have you worked with?

I have worked with a lot of models.. such as Cali from VH1- Angelica Curves- Mia Michelle, Annie Thao and many more

What is the most difficult thing about being a Photographer?

Learning photoshop (laughs.)

What separates you from all of the other Photographers that are out there?

What separates me is that I can make anything into something no matter how hard my back up is against the wall. My colors are crisp, vivid, sharp and I’m consistent.

The Bachelor Project is all for young entrepreneurship, but do you have any advice for aspiring Photographers who are only interested in doing Photography for the financial benefits?

“You always got to have a drive of wanting more, always continue to promote and network with people.”

In this game, you deal with a lot of models, what advice would you have for our guys out there that are interested in dating models?

I would say just be yourself, try not to focus and talk about the woman’s beauty or TnA, try to focus on the person behind the image and to make sure you always listen. Make eye contact when having a conversation and be respectful, they’ve heard it all before. You gotta be confident and not jealous, because they always gonna get attention. (laughs)

Do you have any big projects going on as far as Photography is concerned?

Yes, my partners and I will be launching our own magazine Jan.2010 “Dream Curves Mag”

Let our readers know where they can check out your work?

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