Mercedes Benz Blue Zero Concept

Concept BlueZERO: modularity ensures optimal everyday practicality

The sandwich-floor architecture and the modular design allow three different drive configurations that are able to meet an extremely wide range of different requirements. Measuring 4.22 m in length, 1.89 m in width and 1.59 m in height, the extremely compact BlueZERO concept offers decisive design advantages over electric cars based on conventional vehicle platforms and designed only for use in combination with internal combustion engines.

* Interior space is retained in full. As the energy accumulators/generators are integrated into the spacious sandwich floor, no compromises are necessary with respect to passenger space, luggage capacity or variability.
* The powertrain technology located in the sandwich floor and integrated directly at the front axle ensures a low centre of gravity and, consequently, extremely reliable and agile handling.
* Crash safety is of the extremely high standard associated with Mercedes thanks partly to the housing of the powertrain components between the axles.

Furthermore, all three BlueZERO electric cars are highly suitable for electromobility in urban areas on account of their compact dimensions, easy entry and exit, raised sitting position and optimal all-round visibility. All of which makes Mercedes-Benz the first and, to date, only car manufacturer in the world to offer three optimal solutions that meet all customer electromobility requirements.

Courtesy of Concept Carz

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