The Beverly Hills 9OH2O water is the world’s most expensive bottled water, and has been rated one of the best-tasting waters in the world. 

The designers modeled this creation after fine spirits and champagne, creating a product that is both delicious and packaged in sleek and champagne-like bottles. The 9OH2O water bottle boasts a pH alkalinity of 7.5, and uses perfectly balanced minerals to yield a crisp taste without a trace of acidity.


The water is meant to be served with dinners and desserts as wines might be, giving non-drinkers a luxurious alternative to wines and spirits. Since only 10,000 bottles of this delicious water are going to be produced, only the top hotels and bars from all over the world will be able to boast this creation on their menu.


The Beverly Hills 9OH2O water bottle proves that with the right marketing and the right product, even a readily available resource like water can become a luxurious commodity.




Courtesy of: trendhunter

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