Lamborghini Reventón Roadster

With the undeniable success of the radical Reventon, it is no surprise that the raging Bull bearing supercar marque conveys that dramatic look to another shore. A strongly limited soft-top Spyder version is touted to enrich the street life and to veritably slice the asphalt with ultra sharp distinctive stealth bomber resembling aesthetics and the monster SuperVeloce’s 6.5L 670-horsepower V12 powertrain. From an aesthetic point of view, the Reventon Spyder would easily break any radar system, but fortunately for any car enthusiast, it unmistakably screams its competition off the road. A true virile machine that offers more than a thrilling experience with a 3 seconds sprint and a top speed of vaguely 200mph.

Price: $1.5 mil

Courtesy of GG

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