Want to get away? Really-Really-Ahhh-Way? How about the Ends of the Earth? Antarctica; the ice-covered South Pole? Brr-rr, yet warm enough to support armies, zillions of penguins, seals, whales, and other denizens? Or, perhaps the steaming Amazon, that fabled jungle river brimming with notorious mysteries; and piranhas? Then, the world’s ultimate summit; the Northeast Passage at the high crest of Russia, the North Pole and through the Arctic Circle? Anywhere else; you name it. BigFish, the luxury expedition vessel will get you there.

Fascinating journeys; other ultimate possibilities – Tahiti, Patagonia, New Pomerania, Mount Erebus Volcano – lurk attractively for the sea’s most unique, far-away-escape vessel, awaiting your consummate choice. She’s BigFish, another excellent work of sea-going mastery, designed by highly creative Naval Architect Gregory Marshall. This sea-going marvel is here, ready to thrill you.

Produced by New Zealand’s noted McMullen & Wing shipyard, BigFish was delivered eager to sail anywhere in the world; to Earth’s oceans in far-off planetary climes. Just launched, her maiden voyage to Tahiti, then Fort Lauderdale; outfitted to splash into unlimited adventure, bathed in sumptuous luxury unique in the Expedition Cruising World. She’ll captivate her charterers with far-away places and strange sounding names; exploits few travelers will ever have the opportunity to experience over a lifetime of adventure. A buxom, robust expedition vessel, she exhibits rugged strength; unlike the usual pedicured super yachts with cocktail glass curves. Broad-shouldered BigFish boasts all-around large glass windows of three-quarter inch thick tempered glass; decks/floors of epoxied granite. Steel hull. Aluminum superstructure. Yet her central lounge features an astounding, theater-size, plasma HD video wall 24 feet tall! In other measures, the ‘Fish has a 39’ wide swim platform; and a 29’ on-board launchable tender with a 300-mile range.

Courtesy of Prive international

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