When it comes to cigar aficionados, spending money on a great and exquisite hand-rolled bundle of tobacco in not such a big issue. In fact, having the chance of tasting such a cigar is much more than a reward for them. Premium quality cigars are treated like gold among its connoisseurs. But, what do you think about cigars that will become golden ashes after smoking! Well, London Cut offers The Black Tie, Gold Hand-Rolled Cigar Box Set that actually consists of 20 cigars rolled in gold.

Priced at US$500 per piece, these cigars are made by infusing fine Connecticut shade, which are then lovingly rolled in 24K edible gold. The tobacco used inside these unique cigars is top-notch, and will yield two to three inches of ash to its smokers.

A box of Black Tie Gold Hand-Rolled Cigars packs in 20 Dominican pieces, and comes with a handsome duo consisting of a custom Black Tie Cutter and a Black Glass Top Humidor. The price for the entire box is a “mere” $4,800, but let’s not forget that every each one of these cigars leaves behind 24K gold ashes.

We particularly liked London Cut’s set, because of the small black bowtie that resembles the spirit of our magazine. A true result of passion and honor for tobacco, London Cut Black Tie Gold Hand-Rolled Cigars are made for gentlemen to enjoy life with a taste of gold.

Courtesy of: bowtiemagazine