yamaha travels to turkey to collaborate with brothers can and mert uzer of bunker custom motorcycles to design a whole new face to the ‘XSR 700’. the result is a bespoke motorcycle that delivers a rugged functionality with tracker style looks ready to tackle beaches, mountain roads and anything else a rider would want to throw at it.


to create their tracker style interpretation of the yamaha machine, bunker customs raised the seat position and more room at the front for the rider to move around. they also went looking for more ground clearance, relocating the exhaust and changing the front wheel to a 19 inch for all-terrain riding. 


all the body panels were changed for hand beaten 2 mm aluminum pieces, including fuel tank covers, side panels, front and rear mudguards, radiator covers and seat plate. a CNC milled aluminum spine carrying the fuel tank covers is also sanded and polished to create a stunning view on top. renthal bars give enough rise to suit the new riding position and the seats goes up by six centimeters to match. a suede leather covering adds style to the seat that retains the original locking mechanism. 


driving home the all-terrain, the overall ground clearance was raised from 14 cm to 20 cm, with the silencer and exhaust manifold re-positioned. bunker customs sprinkled the build with several genuine yamaha accessories, including billet clutch and brake levers, foot-pegs and side-stand risers and the bike is finished with a beautiful simple and understand graphic style inspired by the 80s.


Courtesy of: designboom

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