There is no room for dullness in the Vision Gran Turismo series of concept racing cars.



Even though inspiration for this project came from the automaker’s vintage (1960s and 1970s) Chaparral Can-Am racers, the new concept is mind-blowingly innovative and futuristic. The car’s design resembles the shape of a personn in flying suit with the arms stretched outwards. Inside, the cockpit invites the driver to take an unconventional driving position: laying facedown and facing the visor onto which the instrument panel is projected.

A life-size prototype was already created and displayed at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto show, and the real thing was even more impressive than the paper sketches. The one thing that could not be brought into our reality was its sci-fi powertrain: laser propulsion with lithium-ion batteries and air-powered generation which delivers 900 horsepower. The 0-60 mph sprint is completed in a mere 1.5 seconds, and top speed is limited to 240 mph. Yes, absolutely perfect for video racing.


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