What Women Want: Ladies there is always a need for shoes. Whatever the season, there is always a reason to buy shoes. Christian Louboutin is one of the most popular shoe brands around. The red-bottom King recently dropped the visual to his Spring/Summer 2014 collection and it is definitely a sight to see. The collection is adorned with colorful studs that look like candy.


The collection is brightly colored with a variety of colors including bold reds & blue along with pastel greens and yellows. Aside from the colorful studs, some of the pieces are also decorated with sequins, and leather clasps. The Pigalle pump is one of the most popular styles of Louboutin shoe. The white matte leather pumps are decorated with rainbow spikes. The almost 4-inch heel pump comes equipped with the Louboutin iconic red bottom. The white leather Sweet Charity cross body handbag is also decorates with rainbow spike. The middle of the bag sees a leather strap and a gold clasp. There are quite a few other designs to this collection including Panettone Spikes white leather wallet, Mina Clutch, and the Louis Spikes Calfskin High-Top Sneaker. Check the visuals below and visit the nearest Louboutin retailer for purchase.








Courtesy of: stupiddope

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