If you’re looking for really unique suit, now is the chance to design it, just as you desire. A Suit That Fit’s Load Your Lining Service lets you to create a custom lining for your new suit. All you have to do is to choose your favourite image or photograph, and the guys from British company, will digitally printed and tailored into your new jacket or blazer. In case, you’rе missing ideas what will best present your character, A Suit That Fit will offer you a plenty of images from their gallery, containing even caricatures.

Mighel Critten, Product Development Manager for the firm, commented: “Our customers have always liked showing off a bit of personality by having a bright lining in their suit. The new personalised printed lining takes this to a whole new level – people can show off their favourite pictures every day – making the suit a great talking point.”

This pleasure will cost you £95 ($150) and is available at asuitthatfits.com. You can earn £25 cash if you invite your friend to join you. He will also get £25 off his first purchase. And to be most interesting, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

Founded in 2006 by Bennett and Hathiramani, A Suit That Fits offers bespoke suit tailoring over the internet at significantly reduced prices compared to high street tailors. The firm has gained a host of accolades since launch, including the BT Retail Week Technology Awards 2011 and the London Business Awards 2010, and was featured by Young Guns in 2009.

Courtesy of: extravaganzi