This superb residence looks like it was taken from a perfect dream! Created by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados, an architecture studio in Sao Paulo, the house is known as the Laranjeiras Residence. It was completed in 2009 on the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and it offers an impressive 10,225 square feet of living spaces.

Since it was built in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Brazil, the summer house itself had to be just as spectacular as the nature surrounding it. The architects chose to create a combination of contemporary and rustic design influences, thus giving the residence a unique personality. The structure of the house was made of steel, for both technical and aesthetic reasons (steel provides a certain design freedom). To protect the structure from the sea air, the steel was covered in wood, which also gives the dwelling a more warm and natural feel.

The extensive use of glass ensures a continuous communication with the outdoors, from every single room of the house. To make sure that this dialogue between the inside and outside spaces would not be interrupted, the furniture was chosen with low-pieces that would not obstruct the views towards the sea. The final result is simply amazing! See for yourself in the following photos.

Courtesy of: luxedb