The Bachelor Project recently sat down with Kezia Noble, a top female PUA coach in the game who hails from London, about her up and coming book that females do not want males to read. 

Where are you orginally from ?LondonHow did you get started in the PUA scene ?

I was approached 3 years ago in a bar, by Gambler’s best friend and fellow pick up artist, Anthony P. He asked me to come and have a look at the boot camps and work shops that they were holding, as they wanted some hot babes to give some feedback. I was a true skeptic at first, but when I saw how much more the students were improving, I decided to spend more time on the boot camps and studying the books etc that were available out there. The students loved my 100% honest feedback, and the fact that I had developed my own techniques and systems on both inner game and outer game,which no other trainers were teaching. The students began asking Gambler if they could book me for private lessons and the demand to hear and see more from me was increasing. So Gambler offered me the opportunity to become a member of the team.

Do you work under Mystery?

I have only met Mystery and exchanged ideas with him, but I’m not working with or under him.

How many students do you currently have?

I have taught around 3,000 students, and 200 were private students. Right now, I have 6 different private students a week, and I talk on seminars with Gambler, Ross Jeffries, Johnny Soporno. I also teach at the boot camps.

Since you’re a PUA trainer, what can a guy do to get your attention without coming off as cheesy?

He can challenge me and share his opinions more, and demonstrate his high value and high standards to me too. This generally makes men stand out from the crowd, with out coming across as cheesy. Lines are good to help with approach anxiety and are good for beginner students. But if a man can not deal with her response/reaction then even if he has the best opener in the world (no such thing by the way) then its pretty pointless. I teach my student how to come off as “naturals” so the girls do not suspect. This is why I teach my students that the reaction and/or response to her reaction/response plays a far greater role than simply using a cheesy line and waiting for something to happen.

What is something you do that will shock most guys? Any special talents?

I can relate to men so well. I’m very in touch with my masculine side, in terms of understanding the mans need of approval, and his obsession with keeping up an image or bravado for the sake of obtaining respect from both men and woman. I can see both sides of the coin, where by I know how woman feel, but I also understand the male psychology and why he acts they way he does (which makes no sense to most woman.) Which is why both men and woman are constantly baffled by each other.

What type of guys are you normally attracted to?

Personally I go for very intelligent men who can inspire me. I also like men who share my evil sense of humor… (I like a pair of good legs too)

Any tips for the guys out there to improve their game?


Validate, validate, validate
This is something I can not stress enough. Most girls will not admit this, but if a guy gets us to qualify our selves to him, then he automatically becomes more attractive. Men need to understand that a woman must respect a man before she can be attracted to him. By coming across as high value, he displays the fact that he also has high standards. If we realize he has high standards, then that’s the moment we start working hard for his acceptance or approval. And as you know, everyone prefers the prize at the end more if they had to work for it.

Another tip, learn to connect on a deeper level with a woman. Do not be frightened of her reaction(because if you do it with sincerity then her reaction will always be positive in this case.) Woman always feel a lot better when a man “opens her up” as this means that she can stop playing the role and/or stop keeping up the bravado of being another person (which we do more often than guys realize) such as “the bitch” or “the shy unresponsive girl” or “the sex kitten.” If you manage deep connection with her, then she will automatically put you in the same category as the people whom she trusts and respects. She will also reveal so much to you…and remember information and knowledge is power. Another tip, Use the push pull technique, its more effective than you guys can imagine!

Last tip

Men, wear more after shave! No one wears enough these days.

How can people get in contact with you, and what is Kezia working on now?

I’m currently working with ‘PUA training’ but I’m doing my own workshops and seminars too. I am also working along side other pick up artists such as Ross Jeffries, and they invite me to speak at their events. My book “Men who make chemistry” (the 15 steps) will be out January 28, 2010. The book will be the first book on this particular subject that is written by a female. So far, the females who have read certain passages in this book have told me they are hooked because it so accurate. They also begged me to not put this on the market…which is a great sign. I guess my book is literally the book that woman do not want men to read. Expect to hear and see a lot more of me in the future

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Props to Reggie Sosa and Kezia


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  1. fuckyou

    Kezia is just another in a long line of scammers. She is just leveraging her looks to scam just as many people as the men in the pickup industry do. The guys she boasts about speaking with (Ross Jeffries, Gambler, Soporno) are known as some of the biggest rip-off artists in the industry. And you can quote me on that S#*&.