Honma limited edition golf clubs – the most expensive golf clubs in the world embellished with platinum and twenty four-karat gold.

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Japanese manufacturer Honma has released a limited edition set of golf clubs to honour the company’s 55th anniversary – worth 75.000 USD. Only 550 full sets will be produced under the Honma “five-star” series. Honma says on its website that over 100 craftsmen all contribute to the making of each club. Some of the clubs feature carbon fibre which is wound around the shaft’s iron core by hand. Given the limited number for sale, each set is made to order, and is decorated lavishly with platinum and 24-karat gold.

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The clubs are tailor made only on special request and consumers can expect about an 8-week long delivery time. During that period, these clubs are embellished with the finest material that is known to mankind like platinum and twenty four-karat gold. The firm also boasts of having its share of super-star connoisseurs like Danny DeVito, Donald Trump, Jack Nicholson and Marc Anthony.

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Having said all that, what is so enticing about that 75.000 USD Honma set? It is not that Honma doesn’t market lower priced clubs that are equally capable and powerful in their swing and stroke-play. These clubs are available within a range of 6.000 USD and less across America and many PGA tour players are its customers, Edwin Watt included. However, people desirous of some top-class magnificence can look forward to buying a single piece of the set for 5.400 USD. Either way, they should be prepared to cough up even more for a customized golf-bag, since Honma markets an exclusive line of golf-bags too for 8.000 USD.

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