Amy Théard is a New York based artist who i recently had the pleasure of interviewing. She has commissioned paintings for celebrity clientele and has been recognized by Casa Frela Art Gallery. Amy’s definitely on the rise, so it was only right to interview her.


Amy Theard


Tell our viewers on where are you from?

I’m originally from Haiti, but was raised out here in Queens New York since I was two.


Art definitely plays a big part on your life so when was the time you actually realized that you were an artist?

I always had a creative mind. I just never knew that I had the skills until I moved back to Haiti in 2012. My dog had been stolen from my home and I started painting as a way of therapy. I quickly discover my passion for painting in no time.


What inspires you to paint and why?

Mostly life experiences, the way I feel from day to day and different patterns and shapes. As for my portrait style I’m inspired greatly by music.

 Amy Theard 7

You probably get this a lot but do you think being the daughter of a famous artist such as Carol Théard and the niece of artist jean Pierre Théard plays a big part of you becoming who you are today?

I do believe it plays a huge part just because for me it’s a legacy I can take pride in continuing but at the same time make my own. Coming from an art background just secures my feelings that I’ve made the right career choice.


What color speaks the loudest to you in your paintings and why?

I can’t say that one color speaks more than the other but I do prefer to use brighter colors. If I was to choose my favorite I would say green.

 Amy Theard 8

Some artist have a special routine they do to get them in the zone to paint is there things you do that puts you into that same zone?

Drink red wine and playing music pretty much does it for me. I prefer to paint at night I’ve noticed.

 Amy Theard 4

What can you tell any young inspiring painters?

Be patient, be willing to keep learning, showcase your art and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.


Where can our viewers contact you if they want to purchase or see more of your work?

You can contact and see my work on my website

IG @Amytheard

Twitter @Amytheard

Amy Theard 3Amy Theard 2

Amy it’s been a pleasure. Is there anything that you would like to say to our readers in closing?

Support the arts!  And to the artist out there create to liberate!

Courtesy of: Amy Théard & Reggie Sosa


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  1. jerry

    Beautiful artist and beautiful Paintings I won her Janelle Monae painting at a charity Auction held by Haiti Cherie organization and I love it can’t wait to frame and hang it up.