I recently had the opportunity to speak with DeveNir USA. DeveNir is a new clothing brand based out of Los Angeles, CA. Be sure to check out to interview below to see how DeveNir USA got their start, the meaning behind the name “DeveNir” and what separated their brand from other brands. Enjoy.



Hello DeveNir. How are you?

I’m doing amazing! I can’t complain.


What city is DeveNir based out of?

DeveNir is based out of LA, however we work out Atlanta, GA and New York as well.


What’s the meaning behind the name DeveNir?

The meaning of DeveNir is “becoming” in French. The back story to that is we are all constantly trying to become something better. You have a vision of The Bachelor Project becoming something big. We want to become a clothing line that people can express themselves and feel good about themselves with our clothes on. Clothing is an art, and art is self-expression.

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What inspired you to turn DeveNir into a men’s fashion brand?

The inspiration came from us traveling around the world so much and seeing so many different cultures. We understand that the world is so diverse and there is so much out there and the best way for us to bottle up what we have been exposed to and express it is through designing clothes.


What were some of the challenges you faced with getting your line started?

Some of the challenges we faced and that we still face is getting the recognition from the people high up in the fashion industry. We have a different aesthetic and we make nice things, but the political side is the most challenging part of getting into the fashion industry, just like most other industries.



What separates your brand from the other men’s fashion brands out there?

The difference between our brand and any other brand is that we aren’t afraid to be ourselves. With the way fashion is going right now you will see that Givenchy, Chanel, Margiela, Rick Owens, etc. make a really nice piece of clothing, and then the brands beneath them do something similar. That’s not us. We respect the OG fashion brands, but we have our own visions, and we will stay in our own lane.

Another thing is that we put deep thoughts into what we make. There is a story behind every collection we do. It’s more than just putting out clothes to make a quick buck.


I noticed you currently have a Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, what can we expect from the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection?

Our Spring/Summer 2014 Collection is a soft launch to show a bit of our aesthetic and the direction we want our brand to go in. With our F/W 14 collection you will see the growth and the maturation of our brand. We have a very distinct and high fashion collection that was influenced by Sierra Leone, West Africa. I’m excited for the world to see what we have in store and what DeveNir is becoming.



What are your short-term and long-term goals for DeveNir?

Our short-term goals for the brand are to network, and get into more show rooms around the world so people can get a feel for what we have to offer. With people becoming familiar with our brand, you will start to see DeveNir in more boutiques and stores around the world.

Long term we would like to open our first Brick and Mortar in Paris, France. At this location we would have an art gallery feel to our store where even if people do not buy our clothes they will be in awe of the art in our store.


Where can our readers purchase or follow DeveNir?

Our SS 14 collection is available for purchase on April 3rd 2014 at www.DeveNirUsa.com

One can follow us on twitter/Instagram at @DeveNirUsa

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On behalf of The Bachelor Project, it has been a pleasure speaking with you. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

The one thing we would like to say is “Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot become what ever it is you put your sights on.” And Thanks to those who support our brand.


Courtesy of DeveNir USA and Dominico Maxwell

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