The Bachelor Project’s Reggie Sosa recently sat down with the talented DJ Paola Racelis. Be sure to read how she got started, whats the wildest thing she seen while Djing and what is her ideal guy.

DJ Paola 2


Tell our viewers where you’re from?

I am originally from Connecticut but I have been living in New York for over 5 years and I love this city!


At what age did you figure out music was your true calling?

I was always surrounded by music and always loved it. My mom was a jazz dancer, my dad played the guitar, and my grandmother was pianist. I started dancing at a young age and moved to NYC after getting a dance scholarship.


How did you get into DJ? What was your first big gig?

I got into djing because of my best friend. I was really curious and wanted to learn so he taught me and I automatically fell in love with it. I couldn’t wait to practice ASAP and a week after my first lesson, I went to Guitar Center and purchased a whole set up. My first big gig was at a club in NYC. I was really nervous at first, and I still get nervous but It was really awesome to see everyone jumping to the music that I was playing and it was more exciting when my close friends were there.


What genre would you say you fall into & what’s your favorite music to play?

I feel like I love every single type of music. But my favorite type of music to play would be 90’s hip hop and EDM.

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Do you think its harder being a female in the industry?

Very much so. People are always commenting on how easy it is for women, when in reality we deal with a lot of shit. You don’t know who’s “real” and you really need a thick skin to survive in this industry. You have to ignore all the negative energy that people bring around you. I feel like the best thing to do is just try to stay focused and surround your self with the right people.


What is the craziest thing you seen while doing a gig?

I was djing in Jamaica and there was this naked guy dancing by himself on the beach. I thought that was pretty crazy but then again more power to him!

 DJ Paola

As a beautiful DJ what is your ideal guy?

Well thank you. My ideal guy has to be someone who’s secure, successful, great cook, driven, honest, smart, handsome, funny and strong. (I know that’s a lot to ask haha). I need a man, and not a boy, definitely someone that I can build an empire with. But I am currently not dating anybody and not planning to do so for a while. Staying focused is my main goal at the moment.


What do you do in your down time away from music? Any hobbies?

During my down time, I try to still dance because I feel it’s always going to be part of my life. I also love seeing my friends and eating lots of food with them! I love to eat. I also love to travel, shop and learn new things. I think it’s good to be versatile and open minded.


Any new ventures we can look for from you?

Yes I have upcoming gigs that I am looking forward to do. I have two in San Francisco coming up and also a couple of venues in NYC.

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How can our viewers get in contact with you ? Any twitter or Facebook.

Yes I have it all!

Instagram – @djpaolashea

Courtesy of: DJ Paola Racelis & Reggie Sosa