I recently had the opportunity to speak with marketing and branding specialist Fluent out of Los Angeles, CA. Our readers are aware we are big on featuring brands from all around the world. Be sure to check out the feature below to see Fluent’s thoughts on things such as branding and traveling, as well as his own personal brand which he owns with his brother Derrick Whitney. Enjoy


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What’s going on Fluent, how are you?

I’m great, excited to speak with the Bachelor Project today.


Can you tell our readers where you’re from and where you’re currently located?

I am originally from the Mid West, Lee’s Summit Missouri to be exact. Lived there most of my life up until about age 19 when I moved to Los Angeles, California where I currently reside.


You do a lot of traveling man. Can you inform our readers on what you do for a living?

Definitely! As far as what I do I would say I’m a jack of all trades. I’ve been a musician since 2006 so for starters that has always been my main focus but overtime I’ve realized to excel in that industry on major level you really have to understand the business side and how to build a brand within yourself. With that said I do marketing and branding for major corporations which allows me travel a lot. I am also the CEO of the E-Hookah line Pure.


Where are some of the best places you traveled to?

I would say some of the best places I have traveled to are Hong Kong and Tokyo.


As bachelors, we at The Bachelor Project understand how important traveling is to a man of substance. What knowledge and experience have you gained from traveling?

A closed mind is a wasted mind in my opinion. I strongly believe that if possible everyone should travel at some point in life. It will greatly open your mind on how others live and operate around the world. From a business and personal perspective, I knew that I couldn’t fully become the successful entrepreneur I strive to be without learning from others around the world. Life is much bigger then your own city or state. Traveling has opened my mind from thinking local to National and International with everything I do. The amount of things I have learned while traveling is endless and it was for the better. Traveling is not only a way to clear the mind, but its motivation for me to keep working hard to get to the places I want to be. For years I lived by the same routine and way of thinking which held back my abilities and true potential. I believe this is the same for anyone no matter what your profession is. You can’t fully understand something until you see how its done in other parts of the world.


Can you tell us about your brand?

My brand consists of my brother Derrick Whitney and I. We are two very well put together and unique individuals with the same determination and motivation. We created The Dynamic Circle which is a representation of everything we do. From my music and his acting to our business ventures such as our Hookah line called Pure. We get everything from clothing companies to exotic car companies contacting us to endorse their brand through our social media followings. Some people will never understand why I put so much time and effort into social media and digital marketing but for my brand specifically that gets 90% of its business through social media I have to keep perfecting it. I feel like your brand is a direct reflection of you. I would never put something out that I don’t stand by completely. We truly do represent young determined individuals who go against the odds and conquer things people say we can’t because we are young.


What can we expect from your brand in the near future?

You can expect everything from new Music, Films, clothing line releases and anything else that comes our way in which we can be creative with and deliver to the masses.

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Where can our readers check you out at?

The readers can follow me on instagram @itsfluent, twitter @itsfluent and my official website www.iSpeakFluent.com


It’s been a pleasure speaking with you Fluent. Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of The Bachelor Project?

Life is what you make it and the opportunities are endless. Listen and learn, never be afraid to start over or try new things. You will never know what the future holds unless you make that leap forward and go for it.


Courtesy of Fluent and Dominico Maxwell

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