I recently had the opportunity to speak with Infideliti Brand for an exclusive interview. The brand is based out of Atlanta, GA and has a nice concept to their brand. Be sure to check out the feature below to learn about the journey of Infideliti Brand.




Hello, How are you?



What city is Infideliti Brand based out of?

Atlanta, GA.


What inspired you to pursue having a brand in the fashion business?

As a teen, a lot of my peers had the Tommy Hilfiger shirts, the Nautica jackets, the polo, etc, and my parents never purchased name brand clothing for my siblings and I. The older I got, the more I realized that none of that stuff meant anything so I stopped caring about it. Fast forward, I started a media company that happened to provide multiple services in which include t-shirt printing. One weekend, I went home to Memphis to see my family and I happened to link with one of homies who was basically looking to start a clothing company. Being that I already had a huge network, he felt like that we could prosper. The day I got back to Atlanta, I came up with a few names, sent them to him and the rest was history. I’m all for building a brand for myself as well as others. Being that I’m businessman, I asked myself, why not wear my own clothing and get paid for it at the same time.


What’s the concept behind Infideliti Brand and what inspired that concept?

Overall, the word “Infidelity” is very controversial and concept behind Infideliti is basically being disloyal to other labels I feel as though people aren’t trend setters, they’re trend chasers. Whatever is popping, they’re going to rock it. With that being said, the other word Infidelity means to cheat, and I wanted consumers to cheat on other brands with Infideliti. Infideliti is spelled with an [i] instead of a [y] at the end solely because my nickname is iMarc and I wanted to tie it in somehow.


One of your hats really stands out to me; the CEO hat. It seems to be a pretty popular hat. What’s the concept behind that hat?

The CEO hat basically represents the fact that EVERYBODY is a CEO nowadays and majority of the people don’t have a clue what the true definition of a CEO is. Being that CEO is more so a trend now because of social media, they’re thousands of them floating around the net. One day I posted something on instagram that read “C.E.O. stands for Countless Entrepreneurs Online in today’s society” . That let me to designing a t-shirt with $CEO,000 which basically represents 100,000 CEO’s. At the same token, there’s that small percentile of CEO’s out there putting end work on a day-to-day basis, so the hat gives them a little motivation to get to that six figure mark, if not greater.


What were some of the challenges you faced with up starting Infideliti Brand and how did you overcome those challenges?

The only challenges that I faced was actually staying on top of our orders. Our first big seller was the “2 Terms” Obama collectors item which we dropped a month after we started the company. The night Obama won the election, my twitter, instagram, and website all crashed simultaneously because it seemed like everybody that I knew or grew up with were shouting me out… “man my homie iMarc is about to make a million off them Obama tees… shop with @Infideliti”. Man it was crazzzzzzzzy! It was so out of hand that one week, me and my partner Drew worked from sun up to sun down for 4 days straight. The hard part about it was that we were manually writing out each label until one of my homegirls Kimmy called me and put me on game with the USPS site. Man she’s a lifesaver [Laughs].


What can we expect from Infideliti Brand in the future?

We’re bringing some heat this summer and also looking forward to putting our apparel in a few boutiques across the country.


Where can our readers inquire or follow your clothing brand?

Readers can follow @Infideliti on Instagram as well as check out our website.


On Behalf of The Bachelor Project, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

First and foremost, thanks for having me… I really appreciate the opportunity. To the readers, thank you for taking the time out to read this and if haven’t been to the site, check it out. Not everyone will be into purchasing from us, but I would also like to follow my personal page on instagram @iMarcATL and my business pages @IMGphotobooths and @IMGATL to check out my other endeavors. Again, thanks and much success to you guys at The Bachelor Project.


Courtesy of Infideliti Brand and Dominico Maxwell

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