The Bachelor Project’s Reggie Sosa recently had the opportunity to speak with Radii FootwearBe sure to read the interview below to find out how they got their start, what inspired the, and how was it seeing Jay-Z wearing there sneakers.



So where are you guys from?

We are head quartered in southern California.


Where did the name RADII come from?

Radii, is defined as a range 
of influence, set forth to show there is no limit to fashion, creative styling, and opportunity. Radii Footwear’s goal is to exceed the expectations of the current consumer climate by offering quality products, creative concepts, comfort and value.


How did the line get started, and how many members are in RADII Footwear?

radii got started about 5 years  as far as how many members in the team we like to keep it nice and tight there’s about  7 people in house staff  and a couple of sales reps.


What style do you say your sneakers fall into?

We are a sneaker brand.  We identify with the kids on the west coast, east coast, and in the middle.  We are the kids that saved their entire paycheck for the one pair of shoes that they’ve wanted for a year. Our shoes are for people that LOVE shoes and love showing their personality from the feet up.

Spring_2014_8 Spring_2014_3

Are there any designers or anything other that helped inspire the look?

We are inspired by history and the era’s we grew up in.   We are inspired by art and other cultures.   There’s no limit to what we are inspired by. We are constantly looking at the world with child like eyes.


What feeling did you have when you first saw people with your sneakers on?

Its a great  feeling seeing your shoes on people  nice to see that the hard work and dedication paying off  i would say that jay z wearing our shoes on both Blue Print tours and a couple video’s was kind of surreal and still a great honor.

 jay-z radii footwear

What makes RADII different from others brands?

It’s quite simple.  We are different.  We push the envelope. When some other brands say, “Wow, that is too crazy” we say, let’s get crazier!!  We’re not for the everyday guy.  We are about showing who you are by what you wear on your feet.


Is there any advice you can give to someone who’s an up and coming designer? 

Hard work, but you have to have the experience too.  It’s not easy.


What can we expect from you guys in the future? 

Expect the unexpected from radii for 2014 . We are releasing our phuket runner which is a throwback retro runner with our new cloud 9 technology.  It’s the first performance insole by radii footwear. The cloud 9 technology is an optimal cushioning technology that is made from a light weight poly urethane which gives you superior comfort and durability.



Where can our viewers go to see more from RADII?

You can check us out in your local footwear retailer or you find us at or follow us on instagram @radii_footwear

Courtesy of: Radii Footwear & Reggie Sosa

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