The Bachelor Project’s Reggie Sosa recently had the opportunity to speak with Vie Riche. Be sure to read the interview below to find out how they got their start, how they came up with their concept, and what we can expect from them in the future.

vie riche

Where are you guys from?

We are NY/NJ based. Our manufacturing/shipping takes place in NJ and our sourcing, sales take place in NYC.


Where did the name VIE RICHE come from?

Brain Storming. We came up with names and kept translating them to French until we came across VIE RICHE, which translates to “RICH LIFE” in English. Our brand has a lux kind of appeal to it. From before we even had a name we had a concept, and the name was a perfect fit.



How did the line get started, and how many members are in VIE RICHE?

It was a mutual interest between our partners and I earlier this year. We were in a previous venture for many years which we were forced to walk away from and  just start something new and improved which is now VIE RICHE. We are four partners in total that make up the team.

 vie riche

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Are there any designers that helped inspire the look?

Not quite. Nonetheless we get inspiration from a lot of art and what we see in current fashion trends, but not one designer in specific. our brand is a mash up of everything we absorb visually combined with our own innovative ideas and art.


What feeling did you have when you first saw people with your clothing

The first time this happened was back in 2006 when we released our first goods ever with our previous venture. it was a very overwhelming and fulfilling to see regular people appreciate our product which we put our heart and soul into. it definitely brought smiles to all our faces.

vie riche vie riche

What makes VIE RICHE different from others brands?

We have a very innovative approach to our brand. We take relevant fashion trends and give them our own chic, artsy and upscale twist. The way we incorporate art into our garments as well makes us unique. It stands alone when you see it at a retailer next to all other cookie cutter brands that resemble each other. We’re really just mixing upscale and street wear fashion and making it exciting , and interesting! Like Iceberg and Coogi were back in the 90’s.


Name some of the celebs rocking your clothes?

Swizz Beatz, Maxwell, Bow Wow, Rita Ora, Wale, Snoop Dog, Reggie Bush, Bone Thugs and a couple of others.

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Is there any advice you can give to someone who’s and up and coming

Work hard, be patient, and learn the business before you decide to start your own brand, preferably interning or working at an already existing fashion house. This is one of the most intricate and riskiest businesses that exist. It will help tremendously to know the ropes before diving into it, that really helps.


Where can our viewers go to see more from VIE RICHE?

Our Instagram is the best source, as well as our shop site.


Well viewers there you have it the exclusive interview from VIE RICHE go to  and purchase some nice pieces again thank you WORLD until next time.

Courtesy of: Vie Riche & Reggie Sosa

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