The Bachelor Project’s Reggie Sosa recently spoke with 8&9 Clothing about their clothing line. Be sure to read below to find out how they got their start, what sets their clothing apart from other clothing lines, and what designers inspires them. Enjoy.

When was 8&9 Designs started and how did it get started? 

We launched the first phase in 2001 just before Sept 11 went down. At the time there was urban or skate, nothing in between. The idea was create a brand to merge street and skate cultures under one banner, 8&9 Clothing. 

How many members are there in 8&9?

Where are you guys from? There are 2 of us here since day 1. Ray Figgs in NYC and Ray G(the owner) in Miami. We have a core team of about 4 guys that got us where we are today. 

What do you think sets you apart from other clothing lines out?

The biggest things are sacrifice and commitment to the brand. I personally sacrificed my entire twenties living in Miami choosing to work my ass of growing the business instead of vibing and doing bullshit on South Beach. But, aside from dedication our perspectives, depth of design and approach to the business are different than what others before us have done. So far so good. 

Where do you guys draw your creativity from? 

8&9 draws from a conscious street perspective. Just because we’ve experienced certain things doesn’t mean we’re set in our ways. 8&9 is about personal growth, merging street knowledge, with book smarts and an upwardly mobile perspective. Of course, we love sneakers, gangster movies and hip hop so you’ll always see hints of those inspirations in our designs. 

Any designers that help inspire you? Why? 

It’s hard to avoid Cliché with this one. But I think most people agree 8&9 does not resemble anything in the current marketplace. Sometimes, we don’t even resemble ourselves. I built 8&9 as a brand that could grow without the confines of a name dictating what we design, so our catalogs are really versatile and always give our customers something different. Season to season, our inspirations will change. There are plenty of designers I respect and that provide inspiration in terms of running a business but none that influence or motivate our designs. 

How does it feel seeing people wearing your designs? 

We’ve been very fortunate to have a whole list of who’s who wearing 8&9. The range is so broad, from Busta Rhymes, to Tony Touch, Pooch Hall on New Year’s Eve, to a collab with Cormega, French Montana, everyone from Young Money, the legend Funk Flex, 2 Chainz, Thomas Jones, Dray Blatche, Willis McGhahee, JR Smith. It’s just a blessing to see our vision come to fruition with such an array of personalities popping up in 8&9. From old school to new, athletes, rappers, dj’s, skaters, I’m really humbled by some of the legends wearing 8&9. Very dope to know our concepts resonate so heavily with certain people that I respect. 

Do you have any advice for the up and coming designers trying to get in the business?

Best advice is make sure this is the life you want to live. It takes sacrifice and more dedication than you will expect. But, aside from that, make sure you produce only what you can sell. If you have 10 friends that will buy your clothes, make 10 shirts. And then make 10 more in a new color. Rinse and repeat that formula and hopefully you’ll make more friends. 

What’s next for 8&9? 


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Courtesy of 8&9 Clothing and Reggie Sosa

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