The Bachelor Project’s Reggie Sosa recently had the opportunity to speak with the Master Clothier of Astor & Black Custom Clothiers, Angel Ramos. Ramos was voted Esquire’s 2010 Best Dressed Man. In this Exclusive interview Angel lends wardrobe advice for the average blue collar man, the importance of tailoring a suit, and how he got his start with Astor & Black. Be sure to check out this very informative interview; it’s one not to be missed.

What’s up Angel? Can you tell all our viewers where are you from and what do you do?

Hello to all. I was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and I’m a Master Clothier with Astor & Black Custom Clothiers based out of Sunny Miami.

When did you first know you had a knack for fashion?
I’ve had a huge love for fashion and menswear since I was young. In high school my friends and I were really obsessed with vintage Ralph Lauren and were avid collectors of his Snow Beach Collection, Riviera, P Wing, Indian Head, Teddy Bear, etc. knits. I attended the HS of Art & Design in NYC and everyday was a fashion show! It was tough to come to school and not display your best.

How did it feel winning Esquire Best Dressed Man in 2010?
Very humbling. I’ve known about the contest for the previous 2-3 years but never submitted. I figured it was so over saturated with applicants that had great style that it would be easy to fall in the cracks and not get noticed. My wife convinced me to go ahead and submit that year and Thank God it turned out to be a pretty good decision.

What kind of clothing stores would you recommend for the average blue
collar man who is trying to improve his wardrobe?
To be honest with you most people would answer this question with Zara, Express, Banana Republic, etc,. But since I was young I’ve always been a firm believer of quality over quantity. Am I saying go out and blow your money on one jacket; NO, but that’s why outlet stores are amazing. I suggest the average guy to take time, have patience and devour outlet stores for quality clothing at huge price reductions. I used to live inside Century 21 in NYC and cop Versace, RL, Gucci, etc for such low prices rather than going to a store like Zara or Express and spending the same amount of money on something everyone else had, and it wouldn’t last because the quality of the make is very cheap.

Explain Bespoke to the people who aren’t familiar?
Bespoke historically means a pattern made custom to an individual’s body measurements. And it’s mainly used in regards to tailored clothing. The customer is able to choose his fabric and customize the entire garment from shoulders to lapels, hand pick stitching, to even buttons. Tailors would use the customers fully body measurements to cut a paper pattern based off those measurements and construct the suit.

Why is it important for guys to tailor their clothes? A lot of people say it’s not a big deal, but me personally, I think it is.
First for those who don’t know, tailoring a suit simply means taking your existing suit to a well trained tailor and having him alter the garment so it could essentially fit you as close to perfect as possible. It’s a huge deal! I have no clue why any man would want to wear a suit that doesn’t fit him like it was made for him. Sad thing is, regardless of brand, there are so many men out there with suits that fit very poorly. Shoulders are too big, too much shoulder padding, sleeves are too short or long, mid section is giant, jackets too long, seriously I can go on forever! It’s Brutal! And very annoying to look at.

Can you tell all the guys out there why it is important to own a couple of suits & why women find a man in a suit so attractive?
I recently saw a quote that said something like, “What Lingerie is to Men, Suits are to Women.” Quite frankly not every guy out there is going to want to wear a suit often. Most likely it’s because of the career they’re in, which doesn’t call for such formality. I do suggest no matter what you do, you should at least own a classic navy suit with notch lapels and always keep a black suit for that once in a blue formal event, wedding, or unfortunate funerals.

What is the best advice you can give a guy who’s trying to find his own personal style?
You have to feel very comfortable and confident in your appearance. I see lots of guys that try to pull off styles that could seem really cool, but you can tell they’re not sure about it. Lack of confidence is spotted from a mile away.

How did you get started working for Astor & Black?
I was a client previously with them. At the time I had been working with Sotheby’s for about 5 years, however always knowing I was going to find myself back into Fashion and Menswear. And after having won Esquire’s Best Dressed I was offered positions with several High-end brands, however didn’t want to attach my name to one clothing brand. Astor & Black not only allowed me to offer my clients an outstanding hand made garment with hundreds of fabrics ranging from affordable to ultra luxury brands, but it was at such an amazing price that I myself saw a tremendous value.

Tell our viewers who are some of the top people you have styled?
I’ve made some amazing pieces and have transformed wardrobes for several NFL, MLB, NBA players, Entertainers, High Level CEOs, Real Estate Brokers, Top Attorneys, etc,. I enjoy working with my clients and have an enormous amount of respect for them. They clearly see my passion in this business and it’s the reason why they continue to work with me.

I hear one of your favorite designers is Domenico Vacca, who’s moving
up on my list, what is it about his style that you like?

DV is a great guy (we’ve had lunch in Miami with his lovely wife). He has amazing style and an awesome product. I would say others that grab my attention are still Ralph Lauren, Brunello Cucinelli, Cesare Attollini, & Kiton.

Where can our viewers reach you for styling advice or to set up an appointment?
Please Follow me on Twitter (@AngelBespoke). I am more than happy to respond with any style questions you might have. Follow my Blog at, add me on and email me @Angel@astorandblack to set up a personal custom fittings. I travel to Atlanta and NYC other than obviously Florida. If you are in another city I will make sure to plug you with another outstanding Clothier such as myself.

Courtesy of Angel Ramos and Reggie Sosa

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