The Bachelor Project’s Dominico Maxwell recently had the opportunity to speak with Brett Pulli, founder of Slingshox. Slingshox is a unique watch brand based out of Philadelphia, PA. Be sure to read below to see how Slingshox got started, how did they come up with the concept of “slingshox” and what we can expect from them in the future. Enjoy.

Hello, can you tell us where SlingShox is based out of?

Slingshox is based out of Philadelphia, PA.

How did you come up with the concept for SlingShox?

The concept arose from having a long passion for the G-Shock brand. We set out to change colors in an affordable way. We developed the product with high-quality materials and engineering. After we felt the product was to satisfaction, we began pushing the art end of the brand.

What is the term “SlingShox” based on?

Slingshox is based around creating culturally iconic art on a high-quality product. We felt G-Shock would be the best core timepiece to use as the central unit to interchange between bands. We saw how many consumers were trending with the G-Shock brand and that’s how we solidified the thought of using the “Rolex of sport watches.” We envision Slingshox to be positioned in the market somewhere between the iconic toughness of the G-Shock brand and the proven success of an art watch product like Swatch created in the 1980s and 1990s.

What were some of the challenges you faced with getting SlingShox started?

Trying to create a model and prototype was difficult. After a decent conceptual sample was developed, we sourced out the factories overseas to begin the process of creating a product pipeline. The second challenge was taking a great new product and turning it into a brand. We got recognition early on for the innovative concept and the “ah ha” factor of people understanding how it works. During that time, we began taking notes from consumers on ways to make the product better and little tweaks to take Slingshox from “good to great.” Our biggest challenge now is getting more people to know the product exists. In a world of huge volume brands and mass marketers, we are creating an environment where we pull consumers to us instead of pushing our product to mass retailers. We engage the consumer in a very positive way.

I noticed you have a Ciroc watch. How did that come about?

We had a meeting with the head of Ciroc marketing, Nick Storm. Nick is the very savvy marketing mind behind the increased presence and brand image behind Ciroc Vodka. Nick felt strong about the product, and we created a limited edition unique gift for all the Ciroc Boyz DJs. Rick Ross Tweeted us out at the 2011 BET Awards and we knew the brand was going places. DJs love our product. Many of them already wear the G-Shock brand, and they figured out how comfy Slingshox is when they are performing. DJs like DJ Serafin, DJ Toxic, DJ Hapa and others helped pave the way as brand ambassadors.

I noticed that you provide organizations and individuals with the opportunity to customize their SlingShox watch. We wouldn’t mind getting some customized Bachelor Project watches in the future. Would you say that is something that stands SlingShox out from the rest of other watch companies?

Customs are not an easy task to say the least… We have painstakingly worked through how to apply ink and images to the product. Slingshox developed a very unique method and top secret process to create custom product. The challenge was figuring out all the variables and how to work with the special materials to actually have the ink stick onto the silicone. We tried everything, from nail polish, a Sharpie, spray paint…you name it, nothing stuck to the silicone. We relentlessly perused the process and achieved success.

We differentiate between a collab and a custom. A collab is something we create to sell, a custom is something we create in small quantities for a special consumer.
We are very careful as to who we offer this process to and how many are created…and no one ever gets to see how it is done.

Can you please tell our readers the benefits of having a SlingShox watch and the variety you provide?

The Slingshox is super comfy to wear. Much better than the G-Shock factory resin bands. Those G-Shock watchbands are made with a stiff PVC material that actually irritates your skin when using the product for pure sport applications. Along with the comfort, we offer just about every color to match back to other cool products in the consumers’ world. Like Jordan Brand sneakers, Nike, Oakley glasses, Under Armour and other well-known brands, we researched colors and came up with a palette that really serves our consumer well. Lately, G-Shock has been rather uninspired with color in their new products. In conjunction, they have struggled with production output after the floods in their factories on the Pacific Rim.

We make Slingshox products that fit the 6900 series, the G100, GA100, G110 series and will be soon releasing a BABY-G product for women, teens and tweens. We offer a great value proposition, as well. Currently selling on our website is 5 Slingshox products for $100. Many people have a G-Shock watch right now, and we are giving them a way to express themselves with our colors and art while still keeping their accessories fresh and relevant.

What can we expect from SlingShox in the present and future?

More art, more colors, more models, and more innovative thinking that will interact with consumers in a fun and relevant way.

On behalf of The Bachelor Project, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

There are a couple of interchange watch systems coming to market now. We love competition and multiple brands in a new product space is great… Slingshox represents the highest end of this concept. We build our product around a proven iconic core timepiece, while others offer a simple unproven watch head. We often joke in the office, “If you buy a watch for $10, you probably got a watch that is not worth a dime!”

Courtesy of Brett Pulli (SlingShox) and Dominico Maxwell 

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