The Bachelor Project┬árecently had the opportunity to speak with Buffalo Bills starting Wide Receiver┬áStevie Johnson. Stevie is a Fantasy football team owner’s dream this season. He leads his team in touchdowns, receptions, and receiving yards with 41 catches for 554 and 6 touchdowns. We spoke with Stevie about how he started out playing football, his idols, talents outside of football, as well as a little word of encouragement for our readers. Be sure to check out the interview. Enjoy!

What’s up Stevie, we appreciate you taking out the time to interview with the Bachelor Project. How are you?

Thanks man, I appreciate the interview. I’m Doing well. Actually about to hit up this practice in a few minutes.

At what age did you start playing football and at what age did you come into your zone with football?

I began playing football around 10, 11. I started playing in Pop Warner Jr. for Pee Wee Squad Fairfield-Susuin Indians. I Played for about 3 years then I began playing basketball my 9th grade year. Once I got to High School I did both. I never really got into a zone until my senior year of college at the University Of Kentucky. I was just out there having fun knowing I may have a chance at playing this game in the future.

How much of your current success in the NFL stems from hardwork and how much stems from pure talent?

Well it’s like a half and half thing. I’ve always been a hard worker, primarily because if I start something I’m focused on finishing it, and I’m not talking about finishing just because I’m doing it. I have to at the least try to be the best. As for football, same goes. There are things as a WR that I can do that I’ve never even worked on before, which just goes to show, I guess I have a natural talent. I’m not saying that I’m different from anyone else, but over the years from basketball and street dancing I’ve developed a different type of footwork ya know.

I hear you. Who were your idols while growing up, in reference to football and in life in general?
My idol in football was Deion Sanders. He defined the word Swagger, before swagger was even talked about. He had style, skill, natural talent, and charisma. He was, and still is that guy.

In general, I looked up to my step dad because of the struggle I’ve seen and heard about that he overcame growing up in the streets of San Francisco. He taught me a lot and for the most part, to sum everything up, he basically molded me as a individual.

Coming into your rookie season as a 7th round draft pick for the Buffalo Bills, what were your short-term and long-term goals?

Well, coming into my rookie year I was excited to be in the NFL. Something like a “I Really made it” or Im really here” ya kno [laughs]. I was just trying to make the team and show them (Bills) that I do belong and I’m better than what they (Bills) thought I was. My overall goal was the same as it was from childhood and that was to become A FACTOR on the team. If you were a factor on the team, then basically you’ve put in that work and time to get to that level to where people are looking at you to make “The Play” and you’re not looking for them to. That’s something my StepDad taught me by the way. [smiles]

The Bills are 0-8, but things are progressing on a weekly basis for your team. What is the current moral of the team?

Keep Fighting! We know that we were only a couple points from this season being at the least 4-5, if not better. But we lost some close, tough games. There is no quit over here in Buffalo.

Switching up from football talk. I understand that you do music besides football. How long have you been doing music for and when can we expect a cd release?

I’ve been writing music since my cousin and now Akon Konvict artist “Ya Boy” taught me it in woodshop class my 9th grade year. It also doesn’t hurt to say my stepdad is a producer in San Francisco, Ca. His name is Herm Lewis you can look up both those guys. So yeah man my family is involved in music. From cousins to uncles to my sister, so I was always around it. As for CDs, I have a group called The Certified Flyguyz aka CF-WingTeam (J-Rich, Air Marley, The Goat, AlicMo, and Myself) and we’ll be dropping a MixTape as soon as the season is over. Also look out For The BlackCardBoyz CD to be dropping under my cousin Ya Boy’s BlackCard Label.

Do you have any other talents besides football and music?
Basketball, and I’M A MONSTER IN THAT MADDEN PLAYSTATION 3. Hit me up on Twitter @StevieJohnson13 for a game or jus hit my PSN CFStevieJ13

What does Stevie Johnson do in his freetime and off days?

Family time and Madden time. Sounds simple, but it’s tough. [laughs] My wife and I have 2 kids. We all know kids never run out of energy. So yeah. [laughs]

Some of our readers are currently in college, have dreams of running their own business, or are aspiring to become an Professional Athlete like you. Do you have any words of encouragement for them?

For sure man just stay focused on your goal and have a plan. Always have a plan. Also, continue to work to become A Factor. Stay humble and just keep the fire burning, never settle.

Besides NFL and sports websites, where can our readers check you out at?
Readers can email me at: FaceBook: Stevie Johnson or just hit me up on Twitter: @StevieJohnson13

This interview was an honor Stevie. Is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?
Nope! [Laughs] Nah, but ya’ll stay online checking out The Bachelor Project and BE A FACTOR!!!

Props to Stevie Johnson and Dominico Maxwell

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