One day I was surfing the net and I came across a Vodka bottle that was shaped similar to a lightning bolt. It caught my eyes because I haven’t seen a bottle that was designed like that. I decided to reach out to the CEO of FOU-DRÉ Vodka, Chanel Turner to feature her Vodka on our website. Be sure to read the interview below to see how she came up with the bottle concept of FOU-DRÉ, how she got started, and what we can expect from FOU-DRÉ in the future. Enjoy. 

Hello Chanel. Thanks for taking out the time to speak with us. Can you our readers where your Vodka company is based out of?

We are based in the Washington D.C Metro area. Our office is located in Upper Marlboro, MD.

How did you come up with the idea for Fou-Dre?

The idea of FOU-DRE came about when a friend and I were drinking and we joking said, “we should have our own vodka…something that we can just drink straight up and enjoy neat without having to mask the nasty alcohol taste with all these different chasers.” The thought then became something that I was interested in learning more about and that when it all began.

What were some of the challenges you faced when you first began planning for your Vodka company?

We faced several challenges. Money being the biggest challenge. We could not raise enough capitol to sustain the business and take what was a concept/prototype at the time and bring it into fruition. We also ran into glass company after glass company turning us down because the bottle that had been designed by our design company was not able to be manufactured on a mass production scale. We eventually found a company that saw our project as a challenge for them and they wanted to be the company to meet that challenge if they wanted to continue to hold the title of the “#1 glass manufacture in the world.”

The design of your bottle is very unique and creative. How did you come up with you come up with that design concept?

The design concept of the bottle has a lot to do with the name. FOU-DRE is French for lightning, we thought well since the bottle is made in France we can honor the glass company in creating the lightning shaped bottle that was so hard to mass produce. We wanted something that would set us apart from every other vodka, something that once it is on the shelf everything else around it becomes obsolete. Most vodka bottles are clear, round shaped bottles, so we decided that we would not conform to the standards of a traditional “vodka bottle.”

Can you tell our readers a little bit about the flavoring of your Vodka?

Our vodka has a very unique and distinct flavor. There is nothing like it on the market today. We have 5 ingredients that make up our vodka, pomegranate being the dominant flavor although that is not why our vodka taste as good as it does. The reason for that is a secret and will remain so for a very long time.

How does Fou-Dre Vodka differ from the other Vodkas that are out there?

FOU-DRE Vodka is different in several ways than most. One, our distillation method is one of a kind. Our distillery has a patented way of distilling spirits called the TerrePURE process which eliminate all the free radicals left behind during most distilling. This is what gives that harsh burn when you drink most vodkas straight. That is why FOU-DRE can be consumed and enjoyed neat. Second, although we do not consider ourselves a flavored vodka, but a vodka with flavor, unlike most flavored vodkas FOU-DRE is 80 proof 40% alc. Where as other brands bring down the proof level for a smoother taste and finish, we do not have to do that. Our vodka is smoother than most 70 proof and 80 proof vodkas out on the market today.

I saw that your Vodka won the Triple Gold Medal award for the 2012 MicroLiquor Spirit Award. Can you talk about how great of an accomplishment that was for your Vodka company?

This was a great accomplishment. This was validation that we not only had a great product taste wise, but it was validated that the packaging was just what we needed to gain our target consumers attention.

What can we expect from FOU-DRE Vodka in the future?

In the upcoming 2013 year you can expect to see FOU-DRE in the following markets (NY, ATL, FL and LA). We currently have distribution in Australia and Barbados and we are currently building the number of accounts that we currently have there. We are doing a lot more competitions to further validate our brand and how we set ourselves apart from the rest. We are an official sponsor for the Grammy’s and we have a lot more interesting things to come starting the spring of 2013. The focus on the story and how I am the first African American woman to do something of this magnitude is starting to spread so you will start to see myself featured a lot more and doing interviews with a few people. Stay tuned to find out who.

Its been a pleasure speaking with you about FOU-DRE. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

The pleasure was all mine. Please support the movement and help history in the making come to reality. We appreciate all our supporters and followers. Thanks for your time.


Courtesy of Chanel Turner and Dominico Maxwell

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