From Miami by way of Argentina, Deborah Funes has an extensive resume of Latin TV, Modeling, and breaking into American movies. Be sure to read what her favorite type of guys is and what big news she has coming up.

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Hello Deborah, tell all our viewers where are you from?

I am from one of the richest lands in the world, Argentina.


How did you get started in the industry?

My first experience as an actress was a lead role for MTV TV commercial while I was modeling in Miami.


Was the transition from modeling to film a difficult one?

Not really because I started modeling and acting around the same time for Latin TV shows and TV commercials. I was not sure if I would ever be able to work for the Americans as an actress…. I did a video and interview for Play Boy TV and worked for Bay Watch producers which gave me more confidence in myself and also encouraged me to speak better English and take acting class. In 2007 three producers offered me supporting roles on their films. Since then I played supporting and lead role in four short films, four feature films and one web series. In the second half of 2013 and beginning of 2014, I will shoot two feature films and thirteen episodes for a TV series.


What was your first big break in film?

My first full feature film was “Scream Farm”, this one gave me exposure on the American horror film industry.




Where do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to acting? Favorite actors or actress.

Brigitte Bardot inspired me with her sexy but classy look. Sharon Stone inspired me with her charm, strong attitude and aggression. My favorite actress is Cameron Diaz, she is beautiful, funny and I absolutely love her work and hope to get a chance to play a lead role in a comedy.

What would you consider to be your favorite type of guys? Explain.

My favorite type of guy is metrosexual. There is nothing more sexy and attractive on the eyes than men who knows how to dress, how to walk and how to eat. If the guy doesn’t know how to eat on a table (and most of Americans men embarrass me) he can not be on my favorite list. I like charming and good looking fit men, tall and strong is a bonus. No skinny and no fat…so he must live a healthy life style. And of course, I like the six pack abs. I also like the type of guy who knows what he wants. So if a guy wants my attention, has to focus on me 100% and stop the flirting with other girls, at least in front of me. A guy will not be able to keep me closer if he is unfocused. Someone who knows how to behave in upscale social environments with me. One more thing [Laughs] he has to have no baggage, because I come with none.


If you plan the perfect date how would it go?

I would have appetizers with champagne or we could go to a good restaurant, nice hotel bar or lounge. The conversation has to be fluent and not like an interview… more spontaneous and fun. The date would end with a long kiss on the lips. But if the chemistry is real I want more (joking) . I can wait a little more to make sure that the chemistry is real and not the effects from the champagne.


Tell our readers something that would surprise them about you?

I did not have any long term relationship since 2002. That’s because I didn’t want to create a strong relationship with any guy that is not even close to what I have in mind.


What is your Favorite feature on your body?

I like my arms, shoulders all the way to my hands.


Best advise you received and given?

When I was around 18 years old my uncle Salvador told me once “No man in the world deserve one tear from a woman”. I took his quotation as good advice that I will keep in mind for life.


Any new ventures we can expect from you in the future?

Many things are cooking right now. From music to my own brand. Also “I have a great role in the film “The Mob” , I will be working with some A-list stars . This movie is a Gilt Entertainment production from Palm Spring CA. The producer is Marlene Mendoza and is scheduled for to start shooting in December, but could run into 2014 for release in 2014. ”


Where  can our readers go to see more from you? 

My IMDB is
My fans can follow me on Facebook:
And anyone who wants to have my full acting information can check me out at
My calendar with images and quotations is at

Is there anything you want to say in closing?

Thank you for this nice interview, hope we can do an other next year as many things are going on so fast lately. I also want to thank my fans who has always been there for me.

Courtesy of: Deborah Funes & Reggie Sosa

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