The Bachelor Project’s Reggie Sosa recently sat down with  Derek Rowe from Persona Custom. Persona is a Bespoke brand based out of Houston and Dallas, TX. Be sure to read how they got started, what inspires them, and what’s next for their bespoke line. Enjoy.

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How’s everything going Derek, tell our viewers where you are from?

Hey Reggie, I’m great thanks for asking. I was born and raised in beautiful Houston, Texas And I am the co-owner of Persona Custom based in both Houston and Dallas TX.


What made you become a designer?First insights.

Great question. I’ve always been interested in clothing ever since I was younger. I think it stems from my father always being in a suit and tie; I wanted to look like him I guess. I was voted best dressed in High school and so was my partner Derrick Robinson, I guess we were destined to eventually work together. For the past 10+ years I’ve been involved in IT/software sales and I finally got tired of constantly traveling. I sat down and said okay if I could do anything what would it be? Designing clothing/shoes/accessories was the clear winner.

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Who and what inspires you when you’re creating, favorite designers that appeals to you?

My style constantly evolves, growing up I was obsessed with Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani. Currently I would say Tom Ford, Luca Rubinacci, Lapo Elkann, pretty much anyone that the Scott Schuman brings together for the meal he throws at Piti Uomo is on my list of favorite designers. Bottom line is I’m inspired by the art of dressing, and fortunately there are new designers/artists that I run across daily.


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First big break you had getting into the industry?

My man Angel Ramos. He was at Astor & Black and after talking with him at length over the course of a few months I decided to make the leap into the world of fashion. He was a huge inspiration for me that first year when we worked together. We’ve both moved on from A&B but we’re still close friends.


How was it working at Astor & Black?

They were great, and I was like a sponge. There were so many amazingly talented designers working there at one time and I just absorbed as much as I could from those guys. I would ask them so many questions and they were always willing to explain things to me or help me out. It was so great to see certain athletes or celebrities wearing the things we designed for them; it was definitely a highlight for me. Everyone was amazing and I made some lifelong friends. I wish the entire A&B crew tons of success.


For guys who are just getting into wearing suits how would you tell them to go about building their wardrobe?

Start simple with quality pieces. Build with the basics and find your own personal style as you go. Unfortunately there are too many guys out there trying to look like whatever celebrity they see in a movie or on TV. Be confident in what you wear. Also find a great local tailor, have things altered, that’s the best advice I can offer.

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Describe your bespoke line “PERSONA” for those who are not familiar with it? How did it get started?

Persona started as line of custom clothing/shoes/ and accessories that are all hand made from the world’s best materials. We took that concept and blended it with the very best that technology has to offer. Our custom shoe and bag building app is a game changer. It came about when I partnered up with Derrick Robinson out of Dallas. Over the past few months Persona has grown into something completely different than anything out there. It’s a movement, a conglomerate of artists, ideas, and incredible people. I can’t wait to see where we are 6 months from now. There is no one doing what we’re doing right now. We aren’t your cookie cutter “bespoke” suit guys…we want to flip that entire scene on its head and mix art and luxury goods together to create one of a kind pieces.

Name some of the celebrities wearing Persona that you guys feature?

Our “celebrity” clients are professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and we’re working with some of the biggest names in Music, Movies, and Television. We have some projects in the works with the superstars of Hip Hop and some reality stars that are known for being extremely well dressed as well. We can’t wait to unveil everything very soon.

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What’s next for you guys?

We are kicking off our “Sartorial Tour”, where we will several major cities and basically have trunk shows and giant party’s to introduce the brand. Our free Ipad app should be in the Apple store any day now.


Where can our readers go to get in contact with you for fittings, styling advice, and other inquiries?

They can find me on Instagram and twitter @derekrowe I’m also on Facebook. They can email me or feel free to call me or text me on my cell 832.221.4267 the new Persona website should be up and running any day so please take a look at that as well


Courtesy of Derek Rowe and Reggie Sosa

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