The Bachelor Project’s Reggie Sosa recently had the opportunity to speak with DJ Baby Yu. Baby Yu hails from Toronto, Canada, but is currently residing in the Atlanta, GA. He’s the DJ for rapper Young Jeezy and also does the 5 O’Clock Happy Hour for the Ryan Cameron show on V103 radio station in Atlanta. Be sure to check out Baby Yu’s interview below to see how he got his start as a DJ, how many pairs of sneakers he owns, and what its like working with Young Jeezy. This is definitely an interview you don’t want to miss. Enjoy.

Tell all our viewers where are you from?

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Now living in Atlanta. 
How did you get into the dj game?

Kinda got into it accidentally. Crashed a house party, and saw an old friend DJing. So the next day, I went to the DJ store and bought a turntable and some records. I had no idea what I was doing. When I finally got things going, I had 300 people from my school support me at my first club gig. All is history after that.
What was your first big gig?

That’s hard to answer. I had so many turning points during the start of my career, but opening up for DJ Tony Touch was very exciting. I remember I was so excited and nervous picking him up at the airport with the promoters. It was very inspiring watching him do his thing.   
Did you always have a passion for music to pursue it as a career?

No. I started collecting cassettes and CD’s during my 5th or 6th grade. Ever since then I had a passion for music, but I never expected to pursue it as a career. I don’t think I knew what a DJ was back then [Laughs]. Even when I started DJing, I didn’t expect any of this. I was going to school for International business, and studying Japanese as well, so I was preparing to pursue that field. Later, I figured that it would be a total waste to quit, so I took a chance in this music field and now, here I am.  
What type of crowd normally gravitates towards you sound?

Because I’m diverse with my music, I have all sorts of supporters. I love going all over the board. At the end of the day, I think I have open minded music lovers in my corner.   
I hear you’re a big sneaker head, how many pairs do you have? What is your favorite pair in your collection, if you had to choose?

Yes I am. I probably have 50-60 pairs. It’s not much compared to other sneaker heads, but I’m pretty selective with what I get. Andre Agassi’s Air Tech Challenge 2 is my FAVORITE sneaker. I remember a friend of mine giving me a used pair back in the 7th grade. He knew how much I loved those shoes.
Being a DJ I’m sure you attract a lot of women. So what type of women are you into?

Someone that’s honest, open minded, and always willing to grow as a person. Relationships are one of the hardest things to accomplish in life, so I need a ride or die chick.
What do you do in your down time away from music? Any hobbies.

I still play ice hockey. I golf too. Snowboarding in the winter. Video games of course, and love watching movies. I can watch series and movies all day.
Any advice you would give to up coming DJs?

Do it only because you love music, and making people happy with your music. If you have any other motive, you will have a hard time achieving any goal in this industry.   
How did you team up with Young Jeezy for his Hustlaz Ambition tour? What’s it like working with Jeezy?

My management organized his Canadian tour for him and the rest his history. It’s amazing working with him.  He’s very talented, humble, and intelligent. Not only do I DJ for him, but I direct his concert shows. He trusts what I have to offer, so we make a great team. Very inspiring working side by side with him.  
Where can our viewers get in touch with you?, E-Mail: AIM: djbabyyu SKYPE: djbabyyu Facebook:,,

Courtesy of DJ Baby Yu and Reggie Sosa

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