The Bachelor Project features various clothing lines from time to time. This time we decided to feature Elusion Clothing, which is co-owned by Los Angeles Lakers Forward Matt Barnes. Be sure to check out the interview to learn how their company got started, the ups and downs of having a clothing line and why you should be on the lookout for their brand. Enjoy!

Hello Elusion Clothing, please tell our readers what city you got started in and what city are you currently based out of?

We originally started Elusion Clothing in 2006 in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. We are still running business from there, but also in Brooklyn, NY and Los Angeles, CA.

How did Elusion Clothing get started?

I started Elusion Clothing after getting sick. I got really sick in 06, lost my job, and had to stay in the bed for months. I was also pregnant at the time. I did not want to watch life pass me by so I asked my fiancee (then boyfriend) to buy me a laptop with my last $250 in the bank. While my fiance worked to keep the home afloat, I started Elusion Clothing. I had already wanted to do a clothing line since college (2001). I started there originally, but had to stop because of school/work.

What style of clothing and products does Elusion Clothing feature?

Right now, we have a lot of tee shirts, Polo’s and crew necks. Our relaunch is this fall with new partner, Matt Barnes from the Los Angeles Lakers. We will take the brand into upscale men’s clothing, keeping it affordable to the common working man. This is where I always wanted to take the brand to. Finally with Barnes, we are able to make that happen.

What are some of the ups and downs that you have experienced in the fashion industry?

Not many ups and downs. Mainly my income. Elusion Clothing is my full-time job. After 2006, I didn’t go back to a regular 9 to 5. My fiancee also quit his job to be my right hand on this brand, so our income isn’t as big as it used to be. We’re getting better now, but it was ugly at times. Being a woman in a men’s game is hard as well. Sometimes men attempt to take advantage of me, ignore me and disrespect me. I’ve learned a lot along the way.

On your website, I saw a couple photos of Los Angeles Laker Matt Barnes, how did he get involved with your brand?

Matt and I became friends in 2009 after we donated 100 cancer fight tee shirts to his organization. He called me a few days after his event and personally thanked myself and my fiancee for it. From there, we became friends and shortly after, he agreed to be a co-owner of Elusion Clothing. Been family ever since. He’s like a brother.

Since this is The Bachelor Project, please tell our male readers why they should be on the lookout for Elusion Clothing?

Elusion Clothing isn’t your typical men’s brand. We have a wide mixture of items to please many different styles. Our clothing is very affordable as well. We keep it affordable to keep customers coming back. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air in the fashion world. Whether you’re lounging around the house or going out for the night, we have something for you.

Where can our readers purchase clothing from Elusion?

Right now, we pulled all of our clothing out of retailers for the relaunch in August, so for now, the only way to purchase our brand is through our online shop,

What can we expect from your brand in the future?

More of a high-end approach to the clothing that we make. Hopefully more clothing for women and kids as well. We want to take the brand as far as we can and we want it to go for as long as it can. If it’s something that we can pass down to our children, that’s quite fine with me. I’m sure Barnes agrees.

Do you have any advice for some of our readers that may be interested in starting a clothing company?

If you truly want to start a brand, you have to take time before doing anything. Everything from the clothing you put out to the name of the company means everything. The amount of research depends on what kind of brand you want to create. Have money. Have friends and family that you can count on. I’d be nowhere without my friends and family. Any kind of career outside of a 9 to 5 takes A LOT of support from those that you love most.

Its been a pleasure interviewing you. Is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?

We’re the first minority clothing brand to tackle true cut & sew. Please wish us good luck in our relaunch. Thank you for this opportunity!

Props to Elusion Clothing and Dominico Maxwell

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