The Bachelor Project recently had the opportunity to speak with actress Misty Alli. Check out the interview below to find out how Misty got started with acting, her goals, what type of guys she’s interested in and where you can check her out at. Enjoy!
Hello Misty, can you please tell our viewers where your from?
I am from Youngstown, Ohio
I noticed that you have a pretty nice list of television appearances, how did you get started with acting?
I’ve always wanted to act, but I was so shy as a kid. Whenever I would in fact let loose, so many people would tell me I was wasting my talent. One day, I decided to audition for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. A week later I received my acceptance letter. I sold all of my things, packed my car up with my clothes, TV and computer, googled directions to L.A. and literally drove across the country to pursue my dream.
What are your short term and long term goals for the industry?
I am working on making Misty Alli a household name. Acting is embedded in me. It’s a talent no other gig can take away from me. It is my first love and I ‘d be happy doing just that, without the fame. However, that is not to say I don’t enjoy modeling and writing. My ultimate goal is to be successful and happy using one, if not more of my God given talents.
Which one of your television appearances was the most memorable to you, and why?
That’s actually a hard question. Whenever I’m on set, I’m so thankful and happy to be working in this industry, that I try to make each moment memorable. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with so many amazing people. I remember each moment like it was yesterday, so unfortunately I can’t single one out.
What advice do you have for any of our readers that may be interested in pursuing a career in acting or television?
Cliche, yes, but DO NOT GIVE UP!! I’ve seen so many come and go, it’s crazy. I can’t say I don’t understand at times. No one said the hustle would be easy. But if you KNOW this is what you’ve been put on the earth to do, then you just do it. There is nothing anyone can say or do that will stop you. That’s how I approach the world. I see something I want, and I go after it…it may take a few tries, but I do not quit.
I noticed that you are featured as the main female in the Chris Brown “Deuces” Spoof with Affion Crockett (Nick Cannon’s Wildin’ Out,) how was it working with him?

Affion and I have been friends for years, so it was definitely a pleasure being able to work together again. I’m featured in another one of his crazy spoofs called “Big Time”.

Switching things over to you personally, what do you do in your freetime as hobbies and leisure?

I’m a writer at heart as well. I have a B. A. in Public Affairs Journalism, so at times my mind will wander off, and I just have to write about it. I try to write articles or thoughts in an incontrovertible manner, that way others can enjoy the literature, but I can’t say that’s always possible. I’m also in love with music. I write lyrics, or I’ll just sit back and enjoy the words of others. I know, I hate to kill the Misty Alli image, but I’m not that exciting. (smile) I’m a homebody that appreciates the smallest things in life, and I find that I am most comfortable at home.
What type of guys are you normally interested in dating?

I am extremely picky. For the most part, I am attracted to ambition and humor. If a guy can make me laugh, or even get my twisted sense of humor , it’s love at first sight for me. 🙂 Not really, but you get it. I love a guy that knows the sky is the limit. I love a man that not only knows I am that “it girl”, but he also appreciates me. I have a lot to offer, and so a man who can meet me halfway or exceed what I’ve become is definitely a turn on. Physically, I love a tall and athletically built guy. I don’t really serial date, because in my opinion, the quality of the men I’m surrounded by has decreased tremendously since my teenage years. As a teenager though, I didn’t have much, so I wasn’t looking for much.

What’s the most romantic thing that you have done for a guy?

I’m kind of old fashioned when it comes to romancing my guy. I’ll spoil him by cooking dinner, giving full body massages and catering to his every need. I’m really big on wanting to know what makes my man happy. The most romantic thing I’ve done for a guy would be just that…and evening of dinner and massages. It’s been a long time since someone has had my attention like that though.

If you can put together the perfect man, what kind of characteristics would he have?

I’d tell you, but then this interview would become a novel. [Smiles] I’ve seen it all, and it takes a lot to impress me.

What upcoming projects do you have?

I have an upcoming show on a major network, but unfortunately I can’t speak about it at this time. Hopefully, you can look back at this interview and say, “Oh, that’s what she was talking about ;),” for obvious reasons. I’ve also finished a web-based sitcom titled “Just Jamal”. I’ve been keeping busy with print work, auditions and writing. God is good and I’ve been so blessed, so hopefully there is much more to come from me.

Where can our readers check you out at?

I’ve actually shut down my web site for now, but I am on FaceBook with the rest of the world. I’ve set up a networking page for those that wish to reach out to me. It’s the Misty Alli Networking page on FaceBook, so add me. I’ll be posting videos, links, photos etc…

Misty’s Facebook page

Props to Misty and Dominico Maxwell

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  1. Anonymous

    I’d marry this girl. She is the epitome of beauty and has a damn good head on her shoulders. Canada loves you Misty Alli.

  2. F.F.F. (Financial Freedom Fighter)

    Great interview Misty. This young lady is going to go very far. We come from the same area so I know she knows how to survive and turn everything into a positive.
    Go hard and strong Misty!!! But don’t ever feel like you’ve made it. Stay hungry!!

  3. Jason "Tommy Crave" Martin

    Misty, Misty, Misty! It’s good to know that someone so talented is so very down to earth. I wish her success in all that she sets out to do & with the knowledge that I have of her, I know that she will make it to her ultimate goal! See you at the top, Misty!

  4. Anonymous

    Misty Alli! That name bears a lot of meaning. It represents strength, dedication, heart and spirit! Maintain your focus and never lose sight of your end goal! NEVER settle! I want to look up at the top of the world and see you there with your boxing gloves on! ~ Pretzel